In a broader sense, an author is "the person who produced or created something" and whose authorship determines the responsibility for what was created. Some traditionalists complain about the verb author in the sense "be the author of". The author says in his preface that it took him eight years to write the book. You read Corinthian writers? The name of an author is his brand.


1.2 The fonts of a certain author. Intermediate English (in the meaning of'a creator or creator'): from the old Franco author, from the Roman actor, from the Augere'increase, origate, promote'. Its notation with th originated in the fifteenth-century, and was perhaps under the influenceofauthentic.

Author' example.

Author' samples These samples come from outside resources. It should come as no surprise that in what the two writers are proposing there are strange things like ashtrays and masonry. As far as the author is aware, this question has not yet been investigated. As an alternative, conventional literature can be the story of the relation between works or writers.

It is also important because there is growing evidence to suggest that the authors' conflicting interests have a significant impact on their work. Skripte are available from the author on demand. Like the writers are discussing, like any other monitoring methodology, has its limits. In essence, the producer (researcher as author) and the consumer (researcher as reader) are insulated from all cost within the system.

The manuscripts have been finalized and accepted by all writers. Calculating and tabulating the frequencies of keywords used by writers and subscribers. If the examiners do not know the words used by the author, a research policy may also miss important research. There was little indication of possible synergetic effect of different therapies to promote or disprove the simultaneous use of drug combination.

Cultivation of these poly clonal progenitors with appropriate tissue-specific stimulations to generate fats, bones, cartilages or musculars. There is no mail management that complies with this standards and the writers do not suggest it. Writers argued that the 1990s were a greater menace to communism than in 1980, although it was no longer militaristic but culturally.

Samples for Author in a sentence

Writer of the paper didn't verify his facts. but I can't recall the author's name. She' s the author of a reform agenda for the education system. He is the author of Reinforcements: He is a psychologist, author and coach. He is the principal author of two papers on these findings that have been featured in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (AJES).

He is the author of nine novels, among them How to Get Published: 50 Successful Query Letters. Both Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore are cookery book writers and grocery advisors for The Electrified Cooks. with the author and businessman India Hicks. He is humiliated by his upcoming appreciation at the Education Fund sale.

It is Dana Schwartz who is the author of the upcoming memoirs Select Your Own Disaster. The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources in order to mirror the actual use of the term "author". The following are used: Bachelor, writer, rhymographer, insurance company; blogs, columnists, journalists, journalists, journalists, reporters, sports writers; the man of the letter, the lady of the letter; Cremers stands up for Assembly Bill 2805, written by Deputy Frank Bigelow, R-Madera, which reflects the state of California's boars from a gameplay similar to stag.

That measurement would reverse the 1995 state statute called for lawmakers who wrote it - Democrat Jim Costa, now a Central Valley Congresswoman and Southern California Republican Paul Hawkins. A bill drafted by Krueger-Braneky would set up an independant Office of Compliance to examine legislative grievances. Her Majesty had only authorized a sale duty bill written by the Chairman of the Republic Parliament, Lance Harris, of Alexandria, and modified by the Senate Board to mirror his desires.

Much of the legislators on the House side are currently pressing an attempt to hump the Republican leadership and enforce a voice on a two-party bill written by Hurd and Aguilar, as well as other draft AACA. Bill, written by two Democrats and two Republicans, would anchor in statute a Justice Department rule that a specific piece of advice cannot be discharged without cause.

Legislative law, Senate Bill 1088, drafted by Senator Dianne Feinstein and Susan Collins, is hoping to expand the supervisory authority of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) within the cosmetic industries. The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources to show the actual use of the term "author".

Provide us with feedback: occupying, composing, crafting, designing, designing, designing, formulating, framing, preparing; redesigning, redesigning, revising, rewriting; writing, printing, typing, writing; recording, noting, noting, transcribing; signing, autographing, writing in, registering, signing; sofa, expressing, formulating, setting, writing; what prompted you to look up the author?

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