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Publishers in Australia.

Showing 1 to 10 of 448 Australian publishers. These are the publishers in Australia. The Australian Publishers Index contains a listing of Australian publishers and Australian service providers by categories. Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) is one of the world's premier education research centers dedicated to the creation and dissemination of research-based science, product and service to enhance lifelong education in formally and informally relevant environments.

Founded in 1930, ACER is a non-profit organization that today employs more than 300 people in Australia and more. The ACER Press is the publisher branch of ACER and provides high-quality, evidence-based resource for educational, psychological, HR and related disciplines. The ACER Press releases a wide range of publications including textbooks, evaluation tools, magazines and music.

The Penguin Book Australia is a publisher of Australian literary and folk art and works of Australian interest in all areas. Latest messages from Sydney, Australia and the whole wide globe. Includes the latest headlines from the areas of businesses, sports, leisure, travelling, lifestyle as well as technologies. The Blake Education publishing company provides award-winning and international recognized readings for preschool, elementary, high schools and grammar schools.

You can also find material for teachers in all areas of elementary and middle schools under the masthead. Publisher of high-quality illustrated volumes, non-fiction and literature for all age groups, interested in the best Australian and foreign writers. Browseable ads, conversation guide, messages, sports, meteorology, more.

It is an independently owned and operated publishers of sciences and technologies with a worldwide renown for high value added goods and service. We have an international network of publishers covering a broad spectrum of academic fields. Inventigative press site with information about Canada, America and international topics such as terror, the UN and the enviromen.

Domestic and foreign messages, such as Report on Business, information, comments and live discussions. There are 448 publishers in Australia in the index.

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