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You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Audiobook Maker. Music Maker transforms any text (.txt) into an audio book that you can listen to on your computer or elsewhere. Now AudioBook Maker is available to help authors who want to see their books in audio formats for the first time. is a freeware program that converts any digital book into an audio book.

Audifook Maker can help you convert your audio files (or extract audio from video) into audio books for.

Text to Speech Software

Hear sample voices: Audobookmaker - is a free text-to-speech application that reads text from the user's own text ("text-to-speech" player). This uses text-to-speech algorithms already on your computer. Text recitation by different parts (and in different languages). Convert text to MP3 (*.WAV, *.MP3) text file at high speed*. Selectable language parameters: tempo, tone height, volume**.

Automatically scrolls the text to make the text at the actual read point visual ("speech following"). You can also highlight text in colour when you read it. Easily added, plug-in pronouncing lexicons that help to adjust the spelling of individual words, shortcuts and phrases and replace words. Read large data sets. Saves all open documentsettings ( "language parameters", adjusted lexicons, colours, current language location etc.) between read operations.

Integrated scheduling tool for automatically shutting down the computer during voice output. Monotonic voice reduction**.

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Carpenter and converters for Mac OS X. It inserts MP-3 file into an audiobook file M4B. I can be reached via: At any time I can revoke my agreement. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy or feel free to do so.

At any time I can revoke my agreement. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy or feel free to do so.


It is able to retrieve text and you can store the sound as a WAV or MP-3 files and converts between the two files. Language controls such as tempo, pitches and volumes as well as scrolling or highlighting text can be set during reading. The Tucows website provides information on all the latest releases of the Tucows application.

AudioBookMaker: Turn your favourite book into audio book for free!

SoundBookMaker is a free Windows device utility that transforms a book into audio book using a text-to-speech search engin. You can use this application to make audio book from text file or text you want to add/copy to the game. This application is compatible with the pure text file formats together with Microsoft Word and HTML documents.

You can also have the clipboard text displayed to you. The AudioBookMaker software has control elements for the following functions: text playback, selection of different parts and changes of tempo, tone height and soundlevel. These can be changed for new document and your defaults will differ from the original one.

The AudioBookMaker detects the presence of voice engine from the operating system and displays it under Voice. Although the sound is recognizable as computer-generated, it is no wonder. This application includes support for pronouncing lexicons, which you can include in the application to adjust the way words, expressions and shortcuts are pronounced. The AudioBookMaker software supports.mp3 and.wav format, so you can adjust the sound qualitiy, filename and other parameters.

A more useful option in the application's default settings is to integrate with Windows Explorer to make it easy to add text files, modify hot keys, and prioritize word-preprocessing. With AudioBookMaker you can easily convert text into audio books. Whilst the print qualitiy is reasonable, even if the results are quite robot-like, you can modify this by reinstalling other text-to-speech search engine on your Windows machine.

AudioBookMaker can be downloaded from the tools website. About RELATED INSTORIES TOCHECK OUT: For various computer related questions, we suggest using this utility. It repairs frequent computer failures, protects you from data corruption, hackers, hardware failures, and optimizes your computer for peak-performances. Fix your computer quickly and keep others from using this software:

To find Windows related bugs that could cause your computer to fail, click on" Run scan". To resolve all bugs, click "Fix All" (requires an upgrade).

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