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Voices of the audio book industry. We can help you if you are an audio book publisher. Award-winning independent audio book publisher based near Toronto, Ontario. In the following you will find our leading contacts for the production of audio books. The finest audio book publisher.

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The Amber Allen focus is solely on individual growth, inspiring, spiritually and health-related textbooks and audio that reach a large, general public. The Angry Robot is a comprehensive print devoted to the best of contemporary sci-fi, phantasy and everything in between. We introduced our line in July 2009, with our range of manuals in a large number of sizes, e-books as our default and all first-tier audio guides from October 2011.

AUDIOBOOKS, LLC offers audiovisual reviews in the medical, care, health and dental profession. Written, reviewed, read and manufactured by a licenced doctor to ensure a high level of professionality and precision. A connoisseur audiobook collection devoted to making the best of the worlds of uncut literary, poetic, historical and essay works available to a demanding public.

AtoGo is a premier editor of unmistakable unison and fully-staffed dramatic spoken books in the United States and Canada. Audiogos publish and sell audios on CD and as on-line download under two imprints: The BBC Radio and BBC Radio. BetterListen! is an independant audio/media publishers that creates and releases the best works of some of the world's preeminent philosophers, teachers, authors as well as practitioners.

On December 27, 2012, Blackstone Digital Systems was taken over by DigitalGO. BLACKSTONETY ASIO blackstonety asio, Inc. is the biggest audiobook publishing house in the state. Founded in 1987, they now provide more than 5000 audiobooks. Brainolinda publishing house GmbH The Bolinda Group is a private, business and cutting-edge multimedia group. Our audiobooks are published and we encourage fun, pleasure and diversity.

We' re the hippest sound firm ever. DoctorZed Publishing was established in 2006 in Adelaide, South Australia, and is an independant publishing house for printed and e-book and audiobook publishing. Familus is a task-oriented enterprise. In a way, we believe that the whole of our lives is based on the unity of the whole of our families, and all our accounts do so.

We offer a wide range of educational, marital, family, educational, cookery, health and wellbeing, children's literature and literature for adult and young people. FCA has a straightforward mission: to record beautiful children's stories with a full line-up instead of a singleseason. The Gildan Digital Corporation is a new New York-based publisher consisting of Gildan Digital, Gildan Digital and Gildan Evolution.

It specialises in the areas of personality training, as well as teaching languages, such as the brand "Your Coach in a Box" and "Dr. Blair's In No Time". One of the fastestgrowing self-help and transformation publishers in the global market, Hay House sells our product in more than 35 nationalities.

We currently publish approximately 300 titles and 350 sound programmes by more than 130 writers and employ more than 100 people. Established in 1975 by Patricia Wilcox in Binghamton, New York, Iris Press is a small publisher focused on literacy and ingenuity. Wellcome to Monday Creek Publishers!

In the Appalachian regions we manufacture high-quality hardcover, paperback, eBooks and audio-visuals. Come and read our works by award-winning writers. Signiature Editions is a literature publication with an eclectical listing of high-quality literature, non-fiction, poems and dramas. Formerly called Nuage Editions, Presse was founded in 1986 in Montreal as a 16-person group.

We are the first Quebec-based desk-top publishers to publish two to four volumes a year for the next five years. Since sixteen years the Presse is active as an individual enterprise under the direction of Karen Haughian and publishes annually six to nine publications. Sounprints is an award-winning publishing and distribution company of children's literature, audiobooks and more.

Soundprint is proud to have a publisher licence from the renowned Smithsonian Institution and licences from the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). SPEACING VOLUMES is a long-established publisher representing many New York Times, USA Today, National Best-Selling and award-winning writers.

We' re publishing a broad range of different styles, including science fiction, fantasy, action adventure, horror, suspense, thriller, western, poetry and more. Featured ebooks, print paperbacks and audio versions of speaker volume releases are available. Tantor Audio, headquartered in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, is one of the fastestgrowing audio book publishers in the United States and produces more than 50 new books every single months.

TravelBrains, located in Bedford, NH, is an award-winning editor of audioguides and travel guides to historical and heritage sites. We publish a wide range of textbooks. Worldwooze Publishing is producing e-books and talking works in all categories. Wordwooze Publishing is currently looking for entries of short stories, short stories, manuscripts, anthologies as well as non-fiction of any length.

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