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Note: If you prefer a PC, you can install Readium, a free extension for the Chrome browser, and open the audio eBooks with it. Audiobooks online or download and listen offline. To purchase a Kindle Book and the matching Audible Book in one package, visit Kindle Books with Audio Companions.

Which is an audio eBook?

Audio eBooks combine a reflow-capable text eBook with an audio book and thus enable extended features such as synchronized accentuation and tap-to-play..... Do you want to try an audio eBook? Notice: If you want to use a computer, you can download Readium, a free add-on for the Chromebrowser, and open the audio eBooks with it. Do you know what the XPUB 3 is?

which describe a standardized, declared-type of synchronisation between text and audio. Wherefore did you select the EXPUB 3 file for your audio eBooks? How is it different between XPUB 3 Audio eBooks and Amazon Immersion Reading/Whispersync for Voice? It is an open file system, while immersion reading/whispersync for voice is a patented technique.

Whilst anyone can create an epub 3 audio eBook, only Amazon/Audible Immersion Reading/Whispersync can create voice music. In addition, Immersion Reading/Whispersync for voice tracks can only be used on Kindle equipment, while you can open XPUB 3 eBooks on any equipment/app that supports the XPUB 3 file/access. How about using a text-to-speech (TTS) search for normal eBooks instead of pre-recorded audio files?

It can be seen in applications such as the study of a non-native speech, where vocal characteristics (intonation, pitches, proper articulation, etc.) are of crucial importance. The only one that can open EPUB 3 Audio eBooks? is a free program specifically for audio eBooks, and we created it because other applications available on the market don't have one or the other function.

However, any EPUB 3 compliant reader system should be able to open e.g. EPUB 3 audio eBooks: IDPF Readium ou Infogrid Pacifique AZARDI. Please be aware that not all Menestrello functions are available in the above mentioned applications: e.g. Apple iBooks does not supports media overlays in reflow-capable eBooks.

Also, please be aware that EPUB 3 is a relatively new industry benchmark and many enhancements to the latest reader system are anticipated by the end of 2014. Do your audio eBooks look good, but are there already commercially available books? Because Apple iBooks support media overlays in fixed layout eBooks, why did you choose the reflow file for it?

The FXL is not really suited for long text, such as a novel, as it greatly limits users' ability to read, especially typographical preferences. The IDPF EPUB 3 specifications do not limit the use of media overlays to FXL. I' m a publisher/researcher/teacher/journalist and would like to know more about audio eBooks.

"AZARDI is a registred trade mark of Infogrid Pacific Ltd. "EPUB " is a registred trade mark of the IDPF. "iBooks, " "iPad" and "iPhone" are registrated trade marks of Apple Inc. "The Immersion Reading", "Kindle" and "Whispersync for Voice" are registrated trade marks of Amazon Inc. "Readium " is a trade mark of the Readium Foundation.

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