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Receive each audio book FREE of charge during your free trial. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about audio books. Books Store offers online shopping for audiobooks from a wide selection. This is the place to borrow free audio books from your library. Now listen to the audio books on hoopla.

Audio Books for iOS Lets you hear audio books for free

Audio books are great, but they are generally quite pricey. Luckily, there are a ton of free audio book shots in the pubic area, and now you can simply get them onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod dock. Audio books is a very easy application. You' re searching or searching for books you want to hear and then downloading them directly to your iPhone for play.

Skip parts is really easy, and you have essential control elements to move through the part of the game you are in. Whilst Audiobooks provides a number of free books, you can also purchase premier editions if you are willing to purchase them. Audio books also sell materials that are not in the professional category of the official world, so there is a good diversity of them.

This means it makes it very, very simple to purchase and listen to free audio books, and it's not so bad once you get used to the application. Audiobook is a free application for iPhone and is available now.

Audiobooks on the App Store

You' ll find tens of thousand of FREE audio books waiting for you. If you are in a jam, doing your training or reading for an Englisch test - audio books offer you the most popular audio books within reach. Now you can play your audio books directly from your wrists. Simply choose from books in your libary, change chapter or play back.

Or, if you don't have enough free audio book space, you can tune in to a podcast instead. As well as the great free audio books, we also offer a steadily expanding library of premier audio books for your pleasure. The goal of this upgrade is to add a lot of new contents to the application so that you can increase the number of free books to 9,488!

Most of my interests in literature have lived in long past and lesser-known books, and this application gives me direct readings of books you won't find anywhere else. I' m only giving it four asterisks because the searching feature can be quite difficult. So for example, I look for a title that has been typed by a particular writer and only get a few selections, but if I look up that writer in the Authors section, there are dots more.

Or, I look for a song and the results give about twenty more songs together with him, which seem to have no relation to that song at all. It is sometimes because my book was included in the other books' descriptions, but sometimes not. I had other problems with the searching feature, but for reasons of clarity I will not list them here.

I' ve also noted that many of the tracks available on the Librivox website are not available here; I'm not sure that's why, but it would be great to have them. It can also be very time-consuming to find a song that arouses and keeps my interest, so I wanted to suggest a "recommended" section that displays the available songs on the basis of your prior selection.

In choosing what to choose, the descriptions of the books are wide enough to give a good picture of what it is about without giving away the history. I' m recommending this application to anyone who likes books!

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