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Creator of audio books

Many websites, such as, offer many complete audio books for free. Extend your reach with a digital audio book! Locate freelance Audiobook Creator specialists and outsource your project. You can add, change or delete chapters for the combined audio book.

The Audiobook Creator creates audio books from ebooks.

Audio Book Manufacturer

There are many web sites, such as, that provide many full audio book offerings for free. But the only trouble is that these ledgers are available in many small MP-3s. Audio Book Maker makes assembling and conversion of these audio book data a cinch. OS X's ease of use makes it easy to simply dragging your audio file to Audio Book Maker and clicking go!

Loads of featuresAudio Book Maker makes audio books simple with many easy-to-use features: Screen ShotsCheck out the latest recordings of Audiobook Maker:

Because ABC produces multiple audio file types (WAV, WMA), you can use it with most CD and LP3-player.

Because ABC produces multiple audio file types (WAV, WMA), you can use it with most CD and LP3-player. There' s a lot of free online digitized contents. As many audiobooks as you like can be created by yourself. Check this against or audiobooks in bookshops, try to adjust the tempo or tone of audiobooks or audiobooks.

The ABC memorizes your favorite vocals, pace for later use. Through the conversion of text to audio on CD, you can study anytime and anywhere. Convert web pages, PDF files to audio for use with a CD/MP3 layer. Pronounces web pages, words, PDF files loudly on the computer. Zooming and enlarging web pages, Microsoft Windows and PDF files while reading.

Highlight words when reading to facilitate study. The alert reading function can scan any documents at a certain point in it. The Job scheduler function can select to select a point in the audio file to be imported and made. Allows you to share the audio you have made with your buddies. Regenerate audio book with one click. Creates audio table of contents with one click.

The best audio book manufacturer for your M3P? - Communikation & Support

Hello, I have several MP-3s that I want to merge into a one M4b audio book, while keeping the sections. What is the best/free/fastest to do? It doesn't make a chapter. Register for a new user in our Comunity. It' simple! You already have an acount? Register here.

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