Association of Authors Agents

Authors' Agencies Association

AAA is a voluntary British trade association whose members are all British-based Frahlinguren. and the Association of Authors' Agents exists to provide: It is a forum that allows member agencies to discuss questions that arise in our profession. In order to qualify for membership of the AAR, an agent must meet the professional standards set out in the AAR Statutes and undertake to sign its Code of Ethics.

The Association of Author's Representatives, Inc.

In order to find the right agents for your work, or enter directly in the text area below. As soon as a listing of agents is displayed, you will find the application instructions and a hyperlink to the agent's own website. To find a specific operative by name, enter their name in the query area.

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The Association of Author's Representatives, Inc.

Established in 1991, the Association of Author's Representatives is a non-profit member organisation to which more than 400 writers and dramaturges currently belong. The agents must comply with the AAR' s minimal standards and the statutes and ethics canon. The members of the literature industry act on behalf of authors in all areas of publication, as well as the awarding of copyrights and ancillary copyrights to their clients' works.

The agents of Dramatic Branch act as representatives for the dramatists and the copyrights to their work. Authors looking for a substitute are welcome to browse our list of members for suitable agents, which can be found under the "Find an Agent" page on the website. The authors can rest assured that our agents are committed to the highest standard of behavior in meeting the needs of their customers.

The AAR is a clearing house for up-to-date and relevant information about the publisher and theatre industry and provides regular panel discussions, education programmes and theatres. Each month, our boards convene to review important topics of the meeting and to provide notifications and notices on the latest trends in areas such as agreements, royalty payments, e-publication and litigation.

The Pitch, our bi-annual newsletters, contains reports about the agents' fellowship and topical topics from the worlds of books and theatre. The AARdvark is our daily comments bulletin on the demanding topics that authors and agents have to deal with every single working day. AAR has a strong working relationship with other associations in the theatre and publishers' sector.

Often we participate in programmes and exchange relevant information about our membership.

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