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A third of the BBC's Top Gear team, Richard Hammond's year since his almost fatal accident has been full of stunts and dramas. Titled books with place names. Wisdom's words of wisdom about doing the right thing. Exactly how did John QuiƱones become the personification of a moral compass? Want a rousing adventure story?

Richard Hammond's As You Do

While he had already caused a sensation with Sky One's Brainiac: Science Abuse and BBC 2's Top Gear, Richard Hammond became aware of a serious fall during the shooting of this film in 2006. His friendly manner alongside the surly old men of Jeremy Clarkson and James May makes Top Gear the most loved show on the BBC 2 and I think he should take any challenges.

In As You Do we take a look behind the curtains of some of the unknown Top Gear challanges, but also Hammond's kill. Top Gear are the ones every enthusiast may be used to; the latest are the Polar Quest, the journey through Botswana and the attempt to construct an Amphibian car to sail across the canal to France.

Perhaps if you are new to one of these things, especially Top Gear's, this is not the book for you, as Hammond assumes that you are particularly well acquainted with the show and these particularities. He is an unbelievably affirmative human being, even when he is shooting in sub-zero degrees, and he watches every last bit of pleasure he can get out of the world.

Hammond, on the other side, knows that the Top Gear-loving folks will be laughing at such a tale, and so he gives it away, without hesitation and willing to make himself the wellspring of our pleasure. And his last book felt the same, even on the more serious issues.

I' ve been laughing out loud a couple of occasions while I read As You Do and it's never at Hammond's, always with him. Most of the odd and funny things he does are generally the main issue with this book, while he films some of the tricky things for Top Gear.

While Hammond manages to briefly clarify the meaning of his stay in Botswana or the Arctic, without being a big fans of the show and seeing the kind competition they have developed over the years, it is hard for him to understand the relationships they have and why the show and the humans are so important to him.

But after eagerly watching Top Gear for several years, much of what he was saying was intimate, only presented from a different view. This was not completely new information, it was just old information presented with a slightly different inclination, and in the case of the polar expedition, which included three episodes, perhaps a little too much about a thing where a broader variety of histories might have been more interesting.

The fact that I was a big supporter of the man and his head show helps me to enjoy the book.

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