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You will learn the most important conventions in connection with short stories and game scripts. Creative Writing Society enters its fourth academic year, hurray! Write creative texts, including newspaper articles, online articles and scripts. Take our Creative Writing course online at home with Britain's leading nonprofit distance student. It has a very long history, especially in Iraq, where it has been practiced for thousands of years.


On 10 September 2015, the Ministry of Education stated that AS and A-Level Creative Writing could not be re-developed under the state changes to the Abitur. At the moment, our OFQUAL controller states that, with the exclusion of repetitions, the final creative writing examinations can be taken in 2017 (AS level) and 2018 (A level) in that year.

They are expected to be available in 2018 (AS level) and 2019 (A and possibly AS level), but only for those who have already obtained a certificate. Writing is an independent academic field. It is an A-Level that allows prospective authors to enter the world of work and is useful for everyone who wants to improve their creative and creative abilities.

Through the introduction to creative writing, the specifications will supplement and not duplicate the studies of English language and literature.


In the case of new examinations without prior examination work, sample works show you what the examinations will look like. We are not able to provide the complete sample questionnaires for free and you can order a complete hard copy by filling out the web enquiry questionnaire. We will send you a hard copy of the specifications and all four sample documentation by mail.

For tests with previous work, check and use the scoring tables to evaluate work. Instructors can receive the documents early, beginning 10 working nights after the examination, from Safe Key Materials within e-AQA: our safe e-Net. After three years, older questionnaires and evaluation diagrams will be deleted from our official website and Safe Key Materials (SKM) for copyrights purposes (with the exception of mathematics and natural sciences).

In the case of new inspections without preliminary work, sample inspections show you what the inspections will look like.

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