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Contributions from all forms of contemporary art are welcome, with a particular interest in painting and book art. Traditional specialist publishers have cut back on the promotion of art titles. The Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. is America's leading source of books on art, photography, design and aesthetic culture of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. New Avant-Gard ("Museum of Modern Art", NY) DIABP is a collective of small independent Dutch publishers specialising in art, photography and artist books.

Aye Aye Books has everything you need to keep up to date with the latest developments in art and much more.

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It saddened us to know that the Norvegian popular performer Hariton Pushwagner passed away when he was seventy-seven years old. We were proud to be the first to release the final monography on his work in 2012. First Vintage Classic is a century issue of The Art of Aubrey Beardsley, released in 1918, while ABC:

It was a great joy and a great honour to work with her last year to create the final monography of her work. For more information click here. This year Gideon Rubin presents a special exhibition for the Freud Museum in London. BLACK BOOK", which will run until April 15, shows pictures that have been taken from pre-war periodicals in Germany.

The core piece is a 1939 first issue of Mein Kampf in English, which the painter has completely obscured. Please click here for more information on our monography. Please click here for further information on our monography released in April. Works by UK based painter Heather Phillipson and US based painter Michael Rakowitz were selected for the exhibition on the Fourth Pedestal.

We' re delighted that Michael Craig-Martin's On Being An Artistand Public Art (Now), published by Claire Doherty, has been nominated for the 2016 Art-Books-Award. First conferred in 1954, this prestigious award is given each year to the best worthy books on art and culture.

Please click here for our new Fourth Plinth Guide. We' re proud to announce the release of our latest piece, a wonderful illustrated story of the art of the Fourth Pedestal on London's Trafalgar Square. For more information click here. We' re happy to know that Michael Craig-Martin was made a knight in honour of the queen.

Bettina von Zwehl's show at the Freud Museum, which opens on Friday, June 3, has been chosen as a selection of the group. Beettina von Zwehl's exhibition'Invitation to the Shadows' will open at the Freud Museum on June 3. We' re pleased that Clare Woods, whose monograph Strange Meetings will be published this months, has been short-listed with two other performers to present Wales at the Venice Biennale.

We' re pleased to announce the release of our latest track, Clare Woods: It is the first great monography on a artist whose work hovers between abstract and representative and expresses a romantic poeticism and an annoying psychological state. For more information click here. A large exposition of Jonathan Yeo's portrait work today opens the National Museum of History at Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark.

You can find more information about our monography here. We' re publishing a breathtaking new volume on Woods' work next months. Click here for more information. As part of the ArtReview live program, the lecture will take place in the London headquarters at 1 Honduras Street EC1, followed by the signature of the text.

To reserve your seat, click here. Rezensent called it a "beautifully written volume.... a moving account of the passion for place and plants". For more information about the game click here. In The Burlington Magazine, the respected magazine, Marina Vaizey critics describe Michael Craig-Martin's On Being An Künstler as "a captivating hybrids - partial memoirs, partial meditations on being an artiste and how to be one".

Michael Craig-Martin's On Being An Künstler has chosen The Telegraph as one of the best works of the year 2015. For the full story, click here and here for more information about the work. It was recently presented in the Independent, and you can see an exclusive feature in Black+White Photography journal interviews with the photojournalist.

Today The Independent has a collection of photos and texts by Harry Eyres from our new Want More by Alex Schneideman, which will be released on Monday. For more information click here. Craig-Martin will give an insight into the scourges and joys of contemporary artistic activity in a conversation about the individuals, concepts and experiences that have marked his work.

For more information about the conference, click here and here for our text. The idea behind this visually breathtaking and funny novel is the work of the Dane painter Søren Dahlgaard, who makes absurd profiles of those with dough-clad skulls. Please click here for further information. Serpentine Gallery today announces that it will present an exhibit of Michael Craig-Martin this fall, the artist's first one-man show at a London gallery since 1989.

The show, which runs from 25 November to 14 February, gathers works from 1981 to 2015, among them his time-determining depictions of once-trusted, but outdated work. For more information click here. The A K Dolven is part of the exhibition'Art / Nature', which opens today at the Museum of Natural History Berlin.

For more information on our current A K Dolven: He will speak about his own arts and careers as an author and what it means to be an artiste today. Michael Craig-Martin will curate the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015, which will open tonight with a spectacular pre-view ceremony at the RA's Burlington House on London's Piccadilly.

This breathtaking monography about the pioneering work of the pioneering Norvegian Pushwagner is available again for a while. The acclaimed NORWAY based painter A. K. Dolven opens her one-man exhibition'please return' at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham this night. A fifty new works by acclaimed painter Michael Craig-Martin will open in the Himalayan Musuem in Shanghai this night, his first large Asian muuemust.

We' re pleased to publish Craig Martin's first novel On Being An Künstler in April. In order to commemorate Mark Wallinger at Hauser & Wirth, the Galerie asked him to plan his stand at this year's Friedrichs Fair in Regent's Park. Inspired by Sigmund Freud's Hampstead survey, "A study in Red and Green" has created one of Wallinger's own maze for the London subway.

Please click here to see the movie and our detailed guide to the work. This is our latest release, Labyrinth: An Journey Through London's underground by Mark Wallinger, will be released today. This gorgeous work celebrates Wallinger's exceptional works of art in each of the 270 subway stops and shows impressive photos of all the local mazes, with literally a hundred facts about the city and its subterranean world.

Please click here to see a selection of pages from the volume and to learn more about the exclusive version. It is described by him as a "contemporary.... nicely written work, testifying to a gift that is still astonishing. Click here to learn more about the game. Before the release of Under the Influence, Suggs channeled the ghost of John Deakin into the French house today as he drew the first pinte of the pub's anniversary beer day janitor.

IOL' s reviewer of the volume refers to it as'more than a biography' and'highly recommended reading for people interested in art'. Please click here for a download and here for further information. For more information click here. The Foundling Museum and'Photography and Motherhood' in The Photographers' Gallery and The Foundling Museum four star in its reviews, Time Out London has chosen the exhibition as one of the ten best photo exhibitions in the city.

For the complete listing and here for further information on the work. Please click here to view the reviews and here to learn more about the game. Tretchikoff's famous picture Miss Wong was oversold in Cape Town this evening for R3.5 million (£215,000), six month after the 1 million London Green Lady was oversold.

BBC2 will meet The Culture Show Jonathan Yeo at 10pm this evening as he gets ready for his show at the National Portrait Gallery and the release of our novel The Many Faces of Jonathan Yeo. Prior to the show, Yeo lets camera into his workshop and shows the challenge and joy of the art of drawing and the dynamics that develop between artists and sitters.

The Roundel's art books are almost completely out of print after lively selling at the London Art Fair this week. The London Art Books Fair, organised by the Whitechapel Gallery in collaboration with Marcus Campbell Art Books, opens tonight. Please click here for a download and here for more information about the product.

We' re happy to be present at this year's London Artbook Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery. It will take place from 13 to 15 September. It will open in London on 10 October. For more information about the product, click here. For more information about the product, click here. We' re pleased to announce that Distributed Art Publishers Inc. is now our distribution partner in Canada and the USA.

The DAP Inc. is the world's biggest publisher of fine arts textbooks and exhibitions catalogs and the sole agent of major global publishing houses in this area. For more information about the work, click here, as well as pictures and pictures of the artist's work.

The London Underground opened its gates to the general public 150 years ago today. This exhibition ends in February at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. For more information on the Art / Books monography, click here. In the Guardian today, Skye Sherwin introduces the contemporary work of the contemporary work. Click here to view the story about the artists and here for a movie of Soft City.

Art / Books' start with our first book can be seen on the website of the prestigious Italien economic paper Il Sole 24 Ore. Please click here to view the full story. When our first book is published, the weekly printed and on-line issues of today's The Bookseller, the world' s premier specialist journal for the publishers' sector, will include a report on the introduction of art/books.

Please click here to view the full story. We' re pleased to announce the release of our first game. The exhibition presents the work of pioneering Israeli painter Hariton Pushwagner and visits the Haugar Vestfold Art Museum in Tønsberg, Norway, and the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam.

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