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You can also write on your photos and add stickers, frames, filters and other things. The best Android apps for adding text to images and captions. It would be a sin not to mention this tool. The Clean Writer is a writing instrument for the minimalist. Intermediate English dictionary and thesaurus.

There are 9 great applications for add text to your pictures.

Fortunately, you can put text on your pictures on your cell phones using a wide range of fonts applications. We' ve selected nine apps for your iPhone and Android from the large number of applications that can apply text or art labels to your photographs. Oringe Word Swag, $2.99, lets you either place text over your picture or cut out a face in your picture to produce an inventive, pleasant effect.

There are three main icons that control the easy-to-use interface: one runs through the style, another gives you the option to choose colours, and a third control handles translucency and backlight. Browse through text in a variety of text formats, and try each one on your picture to see which one looks best.

Gesture changes the height of the model or inclination. You can write your messages in a dedicated work area or select from a range of citations. It's a fun way to write. A free, easy to use application that lets you apply text to your pictures in a wide range of text styles or insert text into thought-blocks, posters and insignia.

You can use your fingers or the arrows to move items on the screen or to resize and adjust the colour. Or you can even use Phonto to append typefaces to your telephone collections, just in case the large built-in font library is not enough. Buying in-apps allows you to place and modify topics that are blocked in the free release.

When your picture is available, you will receive the first of a series of processing maps. Example typefaces are displayed with text resizing and cast shadows control. Over is one of the most diverse portable type utility with its round browsing, selection of multiple typefaces and flexibility in gesture-based composing.

Simply click or select your image and touch the tab pages Insert Text or Insert Graphic. Once you have entered your text and selected a colour, a circle appears with a number of processing options, among them orientation, opaqueness, size as well as core. You want to browse through the large number of available scripts and type to immediately see as many scripts as you want directly on your image.

You can also have a number of free line drawing overlay: a grating will appear on the screen to help you place the work. If you want to modify an item on the screen, simply touch the yellown button to call up the scroll bar.

Über provided great value in delivering a large number of typefaces, and to a smaller degree line drawing, for 99c. It' s not very complicated to mask pictures in letter forms, but it is a procedure when you do it in an imaging program like Photoshop. Easy-to-use Apps' Font Cardy makes it easy with this portable application.

Select a colourful picture and you will get the masks with a standard typeface. Every colour cave will add a colour tone to the screen and a slide control will adjust the effect. There is a small box that switches the colours between the text and the backgrounds, while the picture is still inside the type. It' s good to have them in the centre when I masquerade characters, so I use large, broad typefaces for my work.

FreshProduce BubbleFrame not only lets you resize and kern, blend, resize, cut, and wash images with different words and text, but lets you easily insert text into your photographs and even produce demanding text-layout with text that follows a trail. It comes with a multitude of advanced built-in bubble themes that you can move and customize with a little tact, but you can simply select a basic one to get on with.

You can place a picture or movie or mix and match the shapes in each one. By adding typefaces from a wide variety of typefaces (or installing customized fonts), you can place, spin, core, and make the text look the way you want it to. The nominal image-editing program that comes with PickLab provides a set of easy-to-use typographical features and appealing visual and decoration scripts and filtering in your photographs.

Several text levels allow you to blend typefaces to achieve beautiful posting visuals. Once the first coat has been applied, it is possible to mark other pencils and scribbles with your finger. You can also set your own preferences by blending the front and back colors, images, blur and shadows, and saturated lightness and contrasts.

You can then select up to five typefaces to use and have a totally original display for your favourite picture. The Bucket Labs' Embroidery is for those who want to enter their pictures with minimum effort and work. Embroidery allows you to select from a colourful range of about 300 themes and place them anywhere on your picture for a scrapbook-like effect.

You' still have the option to modify colour, text, photofilter effect and more. If your picture ends up in the Stickrs surface, you can cut and screen it, but keep the tablet in the back of your head, because you want the screened picture to match the label (or stickers) you use. Embroidery, which is $1. 99, makes it simple to pick your own colour design, style and size. No. 1.

Stickr's gives a different, high qualitiy picture text, and diversity is welcome. This is just nine of the most cool, original and varied applications I've tried for text addition to your photographs (here are 10 applications that make images talk).

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