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Book Writing Apps

The Spice Mobile is no ordinary thesaurus. The application helps you to be a more grammatical, less chimpanzee-like author. I congratulate you on being a writer. Writing seems simple from the viewer's point of view. Don't be angry: Your bound books and loose-leaf paper are not at risk.

Go get the book out: Get 5 free apps so you can write your own piece of art.

We are only a few extra months away from November, and every author (or even reader) knows what that means. The official date of November is NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. It' when both incumbent and up-and-coming authors try to get this book they've always wanted to write out of their system.

The great thing is that you do it all together through prompt, sprinting, a progressive trackers and a very supporting on-line (and sometimes offline) population. One of the best thing would be to hide up in your favourite place with your computer (or for the old fashioned college, a notepad or a pen) and just write away.

However, most of us have "real life" outside of the letter, so you probably just put aside part of your daily and just write whatever you can and wherever you can. That' why not just having manageable utilities on your notebook or computer is a need if you really want to be able to end this book as well.

One of the great things about life in this particular moment and in old age is that there are tonnes of applications and utilities, all within your phone or pill range. First, you need to have a simple notepad application on your phone or tray so you can enter anything you happen to remember, no matter where you are.

The Writer Plus is one of the most beloved (not called Evernote or OneNote). He tries to be "as simple as possible" as he says in his descriptive text, because you only have to have something to write on. However, it has useful functions such as folders so that you can split your memos when working on multiple write jobs at the same time.

It is also important if you are already recording your current book so that you can keep it apart from your music. You can save your memos as a text only if you need to split the text with your publisher or your betat reader. When you need something that is a kind of junk notebook to write instant outbreaks of idea that you have when commute or even in the bath, Simple Note is a good application.

There are no directories, but you can still organise different memos with the tags system. You can put the really important memos you write down at the top so they don't get wasted. Probably the favourite function of the application user is that you can create an alert for certain memos if you are the guy who might have forgotten that you actually need to explain the concept you thought of before.

When you work on your very first book of literature, you need a utility that helps you keep an eye on all your character, storylines and contours and helps you organise your entire book. Write your romels app offers exactly this kind of services and like the others on this page it is a minimalistic, straightforward programme.

Plotting, structuring and organising. After all, organizing is when you eventually have a whole history with actions, parts, chapter, etc.. A practical Thesaurus application on your phone can sometimes be a lifesaver when you work on your first design. You can use the online Theasaurus, which is also available in other language versions such as French, Hispanic, English, French, German as well as Italian.

Whilst there are some more sophisticated thinesaurus applications, they are usually charged, but this is completely free. The latter is not an application per se, but a web-based to use. However, it is a rather important instrument, especially if you are in the editorial and correction phase of your book.

If you go to (there is a chargeable downloadable version), simply insert your text into your web navigator and it will give you automatic advice on how to do this. It' will tell you which phrases are too complicated or if you use too many advisers or if you use the bass too much, and other grammar methods to enhance what you have used.

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