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You can download or bookmark them today! This app helps you to become a brave, clear and concise writer. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Writers App BASIC. Authors without muse are like runners without legs. Fortunately, the technology is here to help.

Thirty apps (free of charge) to help you in every phase of NaNoWriMo

This means there's a whole ocean of apps out there and it will take a while to find out which ones are good and which are not. These are the 30 most useful apps to get through every phase of NaNoWriMo. Luckily, there are many apps that give you a push with every move!

Day One is a great way for anyone who's fed up with writing stories about the crumpled edges of table cloths - a great way to journal on iPhones, iPads and Macs. Storiesboarding your work? Or, you see it as a taskmanager to keep an overview of which scenarios you want to create next. All you want to do with it, all you have to do is move your "cards" to organize your work.

With Stewart Butterfield and Cal Henderson (co-founders of Slack) and Ev Williams (founder of Medium, Twitter and Blogger), authors can present their entire novel or bullet-point as a particularly puzzling storyline. Just get started from the big one and work your way down until your idea becomes a history.

Have you ever wondered if your storylines really make sound or if a storyline concept can link to another storyline invention? Any author should know Evernote, because Evernote is bloody efficient. Evernote EMEA General Manager, Evernote EMEA, has once written an entire novel in Evernote. However, for most of us Evernote is still a notepad for neutroids.

Smell Evernote and Pocket (an on-line bookmark application that lets you bookmark items for the future) together and get Diigo. It' essentially a web-based, easier Evernote release that still managed to keep all your favorites for you. When you want your work to be anchored in the real world, you need to do your research.

Sometimes you have to turn off everything else and just type to achieve your aim of counting words. In the following applications, the central theme is that they are all trouble-free recorders. They supply you with what you need to post 1,666 words on the website day -to-day: and a empty page. Focus Writer is one of the most beloved, distraction-free text processing programs.

There' are not too many formating and processing functions (although there are timer, topics, stats and a spelling checker) - but the easy point of FocusWriter is to allow you to do it. "It' a tidy typing application that only contains a few clocks and whistles: especially time-controlled typing exercises, if that's something that gets your typing going.

Type it! is a relatively new item in the box. One major drawback is that many of its functions are only free for a probation time. yWriter is a distraction-free writer processors designed specifically for authors. You can also use the tab pages to specify signs, elements, and other memos to get a fast, cross-indexed link to stories and other searches you may have done.

Honourable credits go to Cold Turkey (which will force your computer into a typing machine until you have reached your type destination) and Calmly Maker ( "Focus Mode" options, which will only show you the section you are writing). Anything that works to force you beyond your vocabulary target! Are you fighting writer's death?

UnoWriMo is the companion who comes to your rescue when you meet one of the most dreaded foes of NaNoWriMo: the writer's inhibition. One of the free applications in your application will 1) try to identify the source of the notepad, and 2) develop a series of ways to get you back to typing. So, if surrounding sounds are what moves your boot, you should try this application.

About 750 words are about 3 pages: the amount this application asks you to type every single second. There are some cute additions to keep you motivated: a statistic panel that shows your typing speeds throughout the entire working days, and a points system that is reset every few months. You want to type about 1,500 words per tag for NaNoWriMo, so that you will definitely get over the middle with this application.

Easy but mighty, this website can tell you which words you overload most in your letter. As we usually also write stereotypes in blessed unawareness, this is a clever free application that can really sharpen your pen. You will find this application on many write aids. This makes your spelling clear, succinct and fat.

{\a6} (Like the renowned spelling technique of its namesake). Wallpaper is now $20, but the web application is still free. It is another one that you will find in almost every book. The best of all, it captures all your typing errors as you type, so you don't end up spinnlichmbarassing errors everyone where u go.

So how do you intend to approach this history in which you have invested so much work for a whole months? See what the next apps can do to refine your storyline and turn it into a nice work. It is of course meant for scholarly use, but up-and-coming writers can use it to make sure they don't inadvertently merge with a renowned writer and take a phrase from another work.

Disklaimer: We are the people behind this piece of code and have been spending a lot of our own free computing hours, so we are a little prejudiced. However, we can safely say that this is the best application for people who want to present something palpable at the end of NaNoWriMo: a nice little work. Reedsy Booktype Editor is a web-based bookwriting application developed by and for authors.

Briefly, it makes it simple to set text from text processing programs, generate copyrights and easily exported with compatibles platforms Like4-?all within a few mins. If you want to make a photobook from your NaNoWriMo products in the highest possible standard, this is a free feature you would like to try.

It' now up to you to make the big history in you. Hopefully you can do this in a spectacular way by arming these applications at your side. And if you want to include more free typing applications in this library, you're welcome to join them all in the comentaries!

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