Apps that you can Write on

Applications you can write to

THERE ARE SOME APPLICATIONS AND SOFTWARE WHERE YOU CAN EASILY WRITE YOUR WORDS AND PLACE THEM ANYWHERE ON ANY IMAGE. It allows users to choose whether they want to convert the font to text as they write or use the app as a traditional handwriting application and convert the font at a later time. Quick and easy application to write text on your photo. Choose a photo from your lib and you can write text about it. The font, font size and color of the text can be changed.

Photo text on the App Store

PhoneTrust is a very easy application that allows you to text images. The text can be resized. The text colour can be changed. The text-grain can be changed. The line colour of the text can be changed. The text's shade colour can be changed. The text backgrounds can be changed. The text core can be changed.

The line pitch can be changed. Themes can be changed at ? The wallpaper ? can be changed. You can use not only text but also simple text as well. You can publish your photographs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is a free application available on the Apple Store.

Phoneon only speaks English (US), Mandarin and Japanese, so if the preference of Mandarin (or Japanese) was higher than English, phoneon will start as Mandarin (or Japanese) session. Select'English' under'General' >'Language & Region' >'iPhone Language'. Reverse your'iPhone language' to your favourite one.

You can use iunes to copy fonts between your computer and Phonto on your Mac. To do this, click the Apps page and slide down. In the" File Sharing" section, choose "Phonto". Reboot Phonto. We' ve received a new link to Phonto in the App Store.

We' re pleased when you present Phonto to your mates. That' better than PicCollage, Over and other applications like these. Pic Collage is great, it's a kind of soft medium, you can use video and pictures from the internet instead of rolls of pictures, but the selection is very small. You can find most of the typefaces I like, especially those from Google Apps, there.

So if I were you and wanted to take a picture of, say, Safari for a nice backdrop, take a screen shot and click on Modify, click on the strange right angle and cut to your snippet. That' because Phonto only uses pictures from your role, and because the clip is a challenge, at least for me.

The first thing I've got is a minor attack, it's actually my first attack and it's free because I bought the 3-D function and I don't want to buy it again. Secondly, you can remove the shadows. The third is that you can modify the colour of the image, e.g.: colour is always shown in colour, you want to make it bluish, then you have to keep the colour pressed to get to the colour switcher, then use the colour tone beam to bring it to different colours by dragging it to the right or right.

Fourthly, and it's my favourite, is that everyone can exchange their creation and promote their own typefaces, it can be found on the app's homecreen.

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