Apps that Type what you Write

Applications that write what you write

You can download Voice Dream Writer and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It can also read words and sentences while you type or dictate. Make notes even if you don't feel like typing! Simply speak your note and it will be saved as text. Dictation is an application that you can speak to directly and that will write for you.

and 3 mobile apps to convert voice to text

You can use your phone to find, email, take memos, and schedule events with thousands of applications. When you have difficulty seeing the little guy, have no nimble skills or just think more loudly, you can take advantage of a utility that lets you turn words you speak into words you write.

Here is a look at three different voice-to-text applications that can help you do things with much less effort: Dictate of the Dragon. The remainder is done by Dragon Dictation. As soon as the iPhone transcribes your address, you can e-mail it or copy and past it into another program. Alternatively, upload directly to Facebook and Twitter or store your text for later use.

Never Nevernote for Android. Designed to help you keep an overview of your inspiration and your work. While you can always use the application to capture voice memos such as presentations or discussions, you can now also convert these voice files to text. Evernote, unlike Dragon Dictation, stores both the text and sound files together, so you can use the application's find feature to find a captured memo.

It' free, but since Evernote uses Google Android's text translation services, you need to be on-line to use it. Vocal assistant. The re-designed application has a DeepL accessibility function that makes it even simpler to publish on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. Turn on your favorite options and the Voice Assistant will convert your transcripts to the right file without any extra work.

You can use the automatic copy function to submit your transcripts to other applications such as Google Search, YouTube, Evernoteor Pages. It is also possible to transmit your transcript directly to a cordless device. The Voice Assistant uses smart voice detection so that it can learn every time it is used.

The best apps for voice-to-text transfer to iPhone and iPad

Did you ever wish you could write down every thought in your mind, no matter where you are? She can be great to make a short notice or a short memento, but when it comes to long text, Siri just doesn't slice the hash. When you' re done typeing and would rather use your own dictation voices to write your text, take a look at these great applications to rewrite your voices into text.

The Evernote is a rugged notepad application long highly regarded for taking and exchanging documents, and the best part is that you can use your vote to write. Easily release and comment on your photos and work on your own memos so you can be as prolific as possible. Evernote is just the thing for you if you just need a notepad.

You can also synchronize across all your equipment so you can get your idea, no matter where you are or what you use. While Evernote is free, you can buy different layers of memory so you can do more uploading, use it on an infinite number of machines, connect to your notebook and more.

Be it a call between you and your buddies you want to capture, or just a few thoughts on a piece of hard copy, Just Press Records lets you capture anything you want and turn it into text. Store your file on the iCloud or on your local hard drive so that all your machines can use it and there are no restrictions on your capture times.

You can even capture with a touch from your Apple Watch when using the Apple Watch Compound. What is really great about Just Press Rec is that you can use your device's built-in microphones or an outside mike connected via the flash connector. That makes Just Press Records a great podcaster utility!

NUANCEPT has been developing its Dragon range of voice-to-text applications for years, and they've done a really good job of making it better over the years. Anywhere is the portable edition of its top of the line dictaphone that makes life easy for desktops. In addition to talking to Dragon Anywhere, you can modify and customise your own lexicon and browse our documents with the force of your voic.

Easily transfer all your memos and attachments to a variety of clouds such as iCloud or Dropbox applications, making it easier to share all your data across your device. Are you taking many phone calls you would like to call back for later? NoNotes Call Logging offers you the possibility to transcribe and log every call.

Capture all outbound and inbound voice messages, store and even transliterate the voice messages anytime after they are recorded. It is free to use and allows you to call for 20 free minute periods every months. When you want to transliterate your voice messages or make more times to make your voice messages, you have to cover the costs.

What apps do you use?

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