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This free apps help to make an author's life stress-free. However, these writing applications can help you to write better and more efficiently! I' ve created a full-fledged Markdown editor for Windows called MarkdownPad, it's free and can be downloaded from See how these writing applications can improve your process.

Unfortunately, Windows users, it is only for Apple.

110 best apps, tools and resources for authors in 2018

To many of us, typing is a frightening suggestion that could lead to cerebral chills, disorientation and disappointment at the mere size of the work. Whether you're making a booklet or your own busi-ness plans, doing research on a piece of research or typing the next big novel in the word, today's computers and the web have come together to simplify the game.

While some of the following utilities, applications, and ressources are divided into different groups, some include multiple groups. So, try experimenting, choosing your favourites and let your trip become an experience of exploration and creation. Microsoft Word-compliant. Word has many useful functions and patterns that make your job a lot of work.

Prices vary by model, category (private, commercial or academic), standard and schedule. It is free, but you need an Office account to get all the functions. Outliner is a Microsoft Word add-in for the management of long, complicated tasks such as textbooks, research, and more. Select from various formats and design possibilities, include buttons, photographs and diagrams, use a wide range of layouts, easily accessible from anywhere, sharing and working together in near-realtime and synchronizing across multiple machines.

Simple to convert Microsoft Office files and optionally extend them. Storyist is not only another text editor, but was developed especially for writers of novels and screenplays. With Scrivener you can create, organise and work on your manuscripts in a way that will appeal to the author's fantasy - such as publishing your comments on a cork board, so that your idea and the entire manuscripts can take organic form and be written from anywhere.

Scrivener is not only used for creative people in a wide range of occupations. yWriter makes it easier to write novels by dividing your design into sections and screens. NewNovelist, a new type of Windows writer, offers complete instructions with template, customizable text processing, a built-in text editor for the important synopsis, notes administration, story boarding, importing and exporting, publishing and submitting and more.

Part of this goal is the Reedsy Booktype and Reedsy Booktype editors, but don't be fooled by their name: Reedsy Booktype editors include a distraction-free typing surface, format and composition, and the ability to exported to a wide range of print-on-demand (POD) applications. Bibisco is a text editing tool that gives you an overall view of your work, provides you with the ability to build full character templates, and gives you the ability to organize, edit, export, and much more.

The new functions includes a storyline snapshot, a beatboard, an alternate dialog function, structural points and patterns, and scenenumbering and more. In addition, there are all the usual functions such as indexes, text to speak, Mac and Windows extensions, scenes and more. Plotbot is an on-line script writing utility with shared scripting and shared projects, allowing you or other authors to work on your script.

Keeps track of single posts and provides copyrights or copyrights licensing as well. JotterPad is a minimalistic text editing tool for the serious author and contains functions such as a normal and advanced keypad, rhyming dictionary, desaurus, local memory, markdown previews, highlighting and snapshot functionality to retrieve earlier releases as well as exports and approvals.

Like an easy-to-use Mac edition of Microsoft Office, TinyWord has many of the same text editing features, but is rationalized to be "light" and effective. Work with, reformat, embed, import, exported and many of the same type of files and images without additional trapping. Included with Inkwell for Dropbox, it provides an easy-to-use, ad-free interface and a smooth typing feel so that people can concentrate on their work.

Synchronize with dropbox to save and share, organize your work with cropping and pasting, and keep an eye on stats such as the number of words. An easy-to-use text editing tool that helps you concentrate on your words, IA Writer can also generate documents, add pictures, spreadsheets and text pads, synchronize with other equipment and exports your data to different file-format.

Like the name says, Word Counter will count your words and signs as well as your phrases, sections and pages. Register for more functions. Contains iPhone synchronization, fade-in photos, soundeffects for a real life feel (like wrinkled paper), individual stats and password security for your private sphere. It is often associated with research and notations.

With Vizual Einstein you can organize your memos and even connect them to each other and to web-sites. The classification system, which contains headlines and subtitles, makes it simple to categorize, search and cross-reference. Type your idea the way you want it, then reorder it as you please.

And you can easily work with most text editors, publish, send emails directly from within the application, and synchronize with Scrivener for Mac OS X from your iPad. Evernote's loosely defined "notes" - as pictures, text and more - takes notation to a new dimension.

Browse your memos across multiple machines, find hand-written words and easily exchange them with your buddies, families and work mates. Increased subscriptions prices offer more functions, storage and synchronization options. Quickly and easily take memos, add maths directly to your memos, open and export/sharing text file, synchronize via your iPhone OS device and also with iCloud and Junecloud (from the application developers) and link for ease of use.

Designing makes it easier to take annotations because you no longer have to care about file names, storage and organisation, but also get a host of useful utilities. Write is an easy-to-use notepad application with markdown capabilities that allows you to synchronize with Dropbox, release, export and post your memos to the web. Neat designs, customisable typefaces and password security are just a few of the other functions.

One more minimalistic memo and write application, Monospace provides a focussed environment, style shaping capabilities, a hashed tag organisation system, Markdown exports, Dropbox synchronization, a touch-sensitive graphical environment for Android and much more. Built for Linux, Tomboy lets you use it to write, organise, link to, and share your music. Emphasize, underscore, and italics; exports to HTML, checks orthography, makes settings, and adjusts.

Notice that Zim uses text feeds and wikipedia to help you gather and organise your memos, listings, ideas and other information, either for its own sake or as a foundation for bigger spreadsheets. Easily create and modify pictures, create a page reference, insert plug-ins for other functions and upload to HTML. OMNI Outliner will help you organise, compress or pull your comments and suggestions, use efficient and consistent documents, as well as adding and synchronising your text with OmniPresence.

Included with Mac releases are extra functions such as automated workflows, Word exports and more. It has taken the pleasure and versatility back into your mind by allowing you to paint, scribble or scribble your own idea and then mix and match it as you like. If so, organise it, split it and get your feedbacks.

GoodNotes is an application for creating and browsing high-resolution hand-written memos, writing, drawing and pasting pictures and PDF files, reorganizing your pages, selecting from a wide range of documents, filling, signing and writing memos in PDF files, correcting, resizing and moving your work, and much more. Starting at $99 for single applications to $9. 99 for the final package of 5 apps and 70 applications.

It is the intention to help authors become more creatively in their own use of speech. As part of the website Creatwriting Solutions, the Creatwriting prompt is a listing of possible storyline suggestions. You can use them as a stepping stone for your own creativity and stories. As part of the creativity portal's website, this on-line utility does exactly what it says: make prompt to let your mind run wild and get you to write.

It also has a page with instructions and tutorials to give you tips and let your mind wander. The Brainstormer application is made up of three bikes with meticulously chosen words and sentences that, when put together in different ways, will stimulate your fantasy.

Belles lettres require fantasy and inspirational thinking, but even with a ton of research you sometimes get bogged down. If you are a writer, you' ll find a list of suggestions and categories to draw your eye to the many important things that go into a good one. Contains hyperlinks to other useful websites and utilities.

It was developed to fight writer's blocks and deliver better-looking, more expressionist work. Basically a desaurus without the common displays, it also contains an inverted lexicon. Cross-device, web-based sharing, and exports your mindmaps and missions. Synchronize with all your equipment and communicate with those that are important.

Paste your own link and image, work together in live, post and upload, and more. With Mindmup 2, you can organise your typing with memos and appendices, organise your idea into storylines, save cards in the cloud and on Google Drive, schedule and follow your work, share your work, append your document and upload them. Functions included in the package includes a display format and a projectmanagement tools.

Can be used across different units without the need for a specific file to be downloaded. This is a versatile Mindmapping utility (although it is not mindmapping software) built on the concept that creativity has its own internal stream and that brainstorming does not always need a hierarchical or interconnected approach to brainstorming. As with the other mind-mapping utilities, SimpleMind allows you to organise, analyse and creatively connect them.

You can also include pictures, sound and videos on your portable unit. You can use the Present Program feature or use it to show it to your buddies, families and co-workers. Seemingly built on brain mappings, Visuwords makes MSWMs, which allow you to imagine how a term or a phrase refers to other notions.

Preferably as a stepping stone for your own imaginative Wordmapping. Protagonize is not a utility in the normal meaning, it is an on-line fellowship of authors (all levels) and reader. Writing, browsing, collaborating, criticizing, advertising - all in a fellowship of like-minded individuals. oTranscribe makes the transcription of downloads or on-line recording much more effective with its easy-to-use user interfaces.

Contains basic default italic, bold, pause, and timestamp mates. It also offers auto save, restricted exportability, data protection warranty and videofilesupport. Quicktime and YouTube supported; including links to on-line sound converters for WMA and MP-3s. For your own note and comments or with Facebook and Twitter.

Support a wide range of language and processing possibilities. If you like to remember typing, Tom Hanks has created the Hanx Writer that imitates the typing keypad so you don't have to go without this expertise when using your iPhone, iPad or iPodouch. Text processing programs are great utilities with a multitude of possibilities, but sometimes the same diversity can hinder concentration on your words.

OmmWriter text editors restore the ease of typing and improve your ambience with a selection of wallpapers, sound and keystrokes. A further minimalistic text publisher with full-screen modus to avoid distraction, Zen Writer provides a quiet, clear typing feel. It also offers edit and correction functions, keyboardsounds, music titles, backup archival as well as searching and replacing.

Mc$14.99; Windows $14.99. When a tidy neighborhood is not enough to concentrate, Cold Turkey Writer will prevent you from access anything other than the text editors display until you have achieved your specified number of words or working hours. Pro includes soundtrack, bright and deep topics, and additional options to increase your production.

With this opensource application for Mac OS and Mac OS are you forced to concentrate on your typing instead of browsing the Internet, reviewing your emails or gambling your favourite one. A further application to block these annoying pages, but with many other functions. You can also select from a wide range of alarm tones.

Be-focussed Per is a clock that works on all Apple products. Adjust your work and break time, paste jobs from other applications, save them to a Creative sv archive, and more. Synchronization between your Mac and your Mac and your Mac OS device needs both Be Focussed applications. Ideal for reporters, travellers, bloggers on the road and anyone else who frequently posts on the Internet, Byword is a clear text publisher and markdown application with synchronization, markdown feature and the possibility to exported to various data format and published on a wide range of different media such as WordPress, Medium and Blogger.

Contains Phython scripts and fountain modes for scriptwriters. MarketMyWords works with a wide range of labeling language, making it a useful utility for normal web-editors. Featuring an easy-to-use text viewer, pre-release previews, customizable backgrounds and formats for a pleasant typing environment, plug-ins and bundle options, and more. Clean Writer Pro, a text editing software for Mac, gives you the freedom to write with a minimalistic, easy-to-use user friendly user friendly screen.

It also has sales pitch focusing, markdown previews, HTML to HTML converters, full view and auto save. The Write Room is a minimalistic full-screen text creator that is the ultimative solution for distraction-free typing, an area where you can concentrate 100% on your words. Select from a wide range of backgrounds. Dark Room was developed as a Windows replacement for Write Room, which is exclusively intended for OS and OS before.

Only you and your words for maximal write efficiency without the annoying characteristics. iPad-compliant text editing with great graphics that lets you concentrate on your typing, setting goals, using a on-screen keypad or keypad, tracking your development, sharing with your buddies, syncing with your computer and saving your work.

Utilize it on your own timetable or with the legendary author challenging, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Month Writing). Turn your typing objectives into a play with repercussions for hesitation and reward for attaining them. Web versions include prompt, individual and leader board stats, link to other pages, product updates and interesting citations.

Increase your productiveness, organise your work, monitor your success, create and split your own report, save time, and work from anywhere, with or without other projectmanagement instruments. With Textkraft Handbook you can organise, save and release your data, voice and translate, modify and look up, read and write, file formatting, Wikipedia and 22 linguistic lexicons, and more.

With the latest release (4.1) you can also use ePub files to upload, download and build your own full e-books. One more application with an amazing array of useful functions, Ultrasses lets you concentrate on your words no matter where you are. Organizes all your fonts in a single font collection, formats and exports them to different kinds of files, publishes them to the web, edits, shares, synchronizes and much more.

Like Outlook, with many of the same functions (calendars, memos, tasks), essentially PIM is a safe information management application that synchronizes with other mobile phones and clouds, in parallel to customization on your favorite mobile device. Like many of these applications, the commercial release has many more functions. A team-working and organizing tools et that helps you get your projects from A to Z. Create charts and dedicated projects pages, keep your team on top of things, synchronize equipment and build applications.

Define keyboard word warnings, secure your personal corporate information, store, exchange, record, cooperate and use forums and other utilities to debate, create and finally create the best and most up-to-date story. Synchronize with all your equipment, quickly submit data, work together, and keep data safely even if you loose your equipment.

Available for companies or as Dropbox Pro, with different prices and functions for different layers. For writers who are serious about pitchening and sales of their tales, Storytracker allows you to do just that: Follow your tale submit. The Calibre Portable works with Windows Vista or higher. Purdue Owl, coupled with Purdue University in Indiana but available as an award-winning on-line tool, is an excellent typing, grade and level study, reference/style guides tool for students, career writers, aspiring writers and writers alike. The Purdue Owl, coupled with Purdue University in Indiana.

A lot of useful information for all kinds of letters as well as basic information about your company and queries. Today, one of the most popular spellings is copying. Useful for author sites. You can search for a single term in several lexicons, search for different letters/word pairs and search for related notions.

Contains also a throesaurus and an inverted lexicon. Keep up to date with the website's blogs, keep up to date with new words and sentences, or study one single term a daily. Comes with a wide range of apps. The Oxford and Oxford Directories focus more on the British-speaking world, although they work on multilingual lexicons, with the Spanish-English/English-Spanish versions already available.

As well as a lexicon, glossary and grammatical resources, the site provides a spelling tool and researches the origin of words, English-language development, kinds of and more. Contains also a blogs, words of the moment, trend words and wordlists. The Merriam-Webster has been around since 1828, and the on-line edition is not only a prestigious lexicon, but also provides a glossary and a wide range of teaching materials, including the daily term, trend words, use responses, as well as quizzes and puns.

The. com application provides the same range of functions as the on-line version: definition, synonym, word ofthe-morning, text and quiz, different formulations and phrases and grammatical clues. WorldWeb is a current, internationally recognized, English-language lexicon and a one-click function that can be searched by any Windows application or the Internet.

The Pro edition also includes voice over and the ability to add extra dictionary support such as Chambers, Collins or a shortened OED. Everyone else must update to the Pro edition. Upgrades and bundles up to $99 for Windows - Basic $19. You can also use it to reformat, post to the web, save as HTML or Markdown, upload and save to other text editor like Word and more.

Developed for novels, Autocrit assists with speed, dialog, wording and recap. Featuring frequent style issues, it lets you contrast your own typeface with popular literature. Contains an author's collection of essays on the shop and handicraft of author. More than that, it does make your typing better by making it more vivid, proposing alternative wording and showing you how to mend.

All functions and a counterfeit detector are included in the standard edition. Built for iPad, Phraseology is a text editing application that provides advanced keypad functionality for iPad, iCloud backups and synchronization, styles and spell checking, text reorganization, legibility and other statistical information, and share and integrate. Firefox, Chrome and Google Docs add-on; available for Android, MS Word (Windows), LibreOffice, OpenOffice and more.

Included in the premier release are extensions for MS Word, GoogleDocs, Scrivener, Open Office and Chrome. It is a grammatical guardian, stylistic corrector and write tutor in one pack. Free of charge will check if your web contents have been photocopied on-line, Premier will check your texts for authenticity before publication and Copysentry will check your pages once a week, while Copysentry Pro will do so in a day.

Pay as you go releases contain extra functionality such as exception creation and counterfeit tracing. With Windows Live Writer, Blogger can easily attach images and video and view a thumbnail of their blogs with all editing options before they are published. You can also put together a picture gallery to supplement your typing, or you can insert plug-ins for more functions.

Free-of-charge downloads such as Kindle Previewer are Windows and Mac OS and KindleGen is also Linux-enabled. A prizewinning design artist, Joel Friedlander has designed a wide range of customisable artwork for printing and e-book, suited to different styles and flavours. Available now for Apple Pages, MS Word and Adobe InDesign, these themes allow you to make beautifully professional-looking and puzzling looking titles.

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