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A lot of book lovers already know about Goodreads, but I am always surprised how many of my book-loving friends don't use it. When you belong to a library - and which book lover doesn't? So, you're out getting a book. Although you may not have heard of TED Books, you may have heard of TED Talks - the auditory cousin of these short books. It is a must for every reader.

Eleven great apps for book lovers

Well, you loved reading. You really loved reading. I would like to welcome you to our bookshop. A lot of book lovers already know about Goodreads, but I am always amazed how many of my book-loving buddies don't use it. It' by far the best when it comes to book lovers' apps.

Save your book, record all of the titles you have been reading and those you want to study, rank them, have them reviewed, join with your buddies and join discussions about almost any book you can imagine. Compatible with Apple and Android. When you are part of a book collection - and which book enthusiast isn't? - OverDrive can help you try out eBooks on your favourite machine.

While your eBook is part of the system, you have free eBooks at your disposal. They can be viewed on the OverDrive application or downloaded directly to your Kindle application. Compatible with Apple, Android and more. So, you're out getting a book.

When one scans the back envelope, one realizes that one must own this book. Simply take a photo of the book envelope or read the bar code and you will receive a book review, book descriptions and information about the best rates, both near you and there. Compatible with Apple and Android.

InstantPoetry is a great way to make your own verses and share them with your loved ones. When you have a few-minute downtime and don't have a book, this application could be the next best thing. Compatible with Apple. WadPad provides a new kind of literacy adventure.

Authors using the site decide to publish story series by providing one section or section after another. While you are reading, you can post a comment, which can then also be viewed by other people. In the course of the years, debates emerge, and one recognizes the reader, whose tastes and commentaries one appreciates.

Thus it becomes both a lonely and a socially responsible occupation. Compatible with Apple, Android and more. This is a great application for you if you want a sturdy catalogue for your work. You can also categorise your book, whether you have seen it, to whom you lent it and much more.

It is one of the most rugged features I've seen in such an application, and it works quickly so you can tell if you already own a book or not. Compatible with Apple. Script is like Netflix, only for textbooks.

At $8. 99/month you get entry to any book Scribd has the right to. Whilst many of the most loved ones are not available, the overall choice is very good across all categories. So if you enjoy reading on your portable devices and are looking for your next favourite reading, or if your favourite writers are part of Scribd's listings, this application can make sure you always have something new to do.

Compatible with Apple, Android and more. Take a picture of your bookcase, load it up, and the application catalogs your ledgers for you. When you own a printed version of certain titles, you can get reduced (and sometimes free!) sound and eBook-version. If you are interested in the same book or the other's past, it is always a pleasure to get in contact with other people.

Compatible with Apple and Android. The Pickle Index takes you to a whole new dimension of literacy. Learn the history of how it's available to you and take part in various matches and more. It is a totally one-of-a-kind adventure that many book lovers can enjoy to the fullest.

Compatible with Apple. Gertie is combining journalism and literacy into something quite different. It is an eReader, but it also allows you to annotate your readings as you go. Also has a function that will send you information about a book in return for a bar code scanning. If you want to report without a book, you can, too!

Compatible with Apple. You' ll receive contemporary literature across all styles, as well as literature, theatre, philosophy and more. Sure, that's a piece of transformation, but if you enjoy the application and the timeframe and want to sponsor the British Library, it's not inferior. Compatible with Apple. You a bookie?

Which apps do you like best?

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