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Fill in our first application! Authoring careers including copywriter, screenwriter, technical writer & more. You can apply as an author and have your freelance work promoted. Be a freelance writer and earn money today!

For all authors who want to apply their knowledge and help their clients write different types of content, we recommend a partnership.

Becoming a novelist

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Fascinating & diversified work as a contentwriter

Would you like to further your abilities in the field of business literacy and be part of a close and fast growing teams of authors in Europe? As an author or interpreter, the aim is to master text and language. It is also perfect if you already have previous knowledge in dealing with text for your on-line market.

Because we want to be the premier provider of text for e-commerce, we demand and evolve you as an author or transcript. As a result, you can look forward to continual feedbacks on your writing. All of our documents are subjected to strict proof-reading as part of our ongoing quest for high manufacturing standards.

And if so, you are a suitable translator. We only work with authors who are native speakers, so it is imperative that you were either a native speaker or a native speaker of the language(s) in question. Capply now! To prove your creative skills and to work as an author, please submit an online resume.

We would like you to take a test of your skills if we choose to pursue your job as part of the terms and condition of your work. Candidate now!

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