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Fill in our first application! Authoring careers including copywriter, screenwriter, technical writer & more. You can apply as an author and have your freelance work promoted. Be a freelance writer and earn money today!

For all authors who want to apply their knowledge and help their clients write different types of content, we recommend a partnership.

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Application Freelance Writer

The only authors we are restricted to are American authors who can supply the necessary documents. Authors can bill at will, and we charge by PayPal or cheque on a week to week basis. Our tariff is project-based, category-based and the closing fee is bound to the note given in the section. Present your abilities and your specialized know-how with extra immediate possibilities for typing.

Please enter a username! Please enter a password! Confirm password necessary! E-mail address necessary! Preferential payment necessary! Number and street necessary! Number and street 2 necessary! Town necessary! Postcode necessary! Telephone number necessary! Necessary! OK, now we need a rehearsal. Another little treat about OWJ: We don't want to work with authors who work for free.

So, we're willing to pay $10 for all the paper tests we accept. Make great, unique contents according to these write prompts. Place your finished and validated pattern in this text area. Write example: Necessary! We would like to take a look if you have posted and posted your contents elsewhere on the web.

We are sure they are well spelled and brilliant, but we are most interested in specialized and business contents. Insert the addresses of your work below. Herewith I certify that all provided patterns are my own work and that all non-original patterns are rejected automaticaly necessary!

Necessary! To meet IRS requirements, all claimants must present a copy of their official ID document (e.g. driving licence, ID document, travel document, etc.) as evidence of their identities and place of residence. There is no need for your first-born child (although we may be interested in your second-born child if you are not too fond of it - can he/she already write?).

So how do you hand in the necessary documentation and pack this job with a beautiful, clean ribbon? Okay, if you really want to send it, our adress is:: As soon as your request is submitted with this great written copy, a copy of your identity card provided by the federal administration and the filled out and duly stamped W-9 Personal Revenue Report our staff will check your request at the Bureau and track the state of your request within 1-3 workdays.

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