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They are beautiful fonts and I love the creativity of this app. When I save the image, however, it pixels so far that I can no longer use it. There is only one button on this app. Designed to help you keep track of ideas and inspiration. I think Sellinam App is the best way to enter Tamil.

Do you need a word processor? Select from these 5 applications for smartphones and tables

Whether on the desk or on the road, one of the fundamental data processing jobs is to create documentation for your company. These are five of the best applications to help you get the work done, no matter when the idea - or your deadlines - arrives.

iOS/Android ( "Google Docs") is a convenient text processing application that is fully embedded in Google Drive, the company's enterprise cloudsystem. Simply log in to your Google Accounts and any paper you write or work on will be uploaded to the Cloud for you. It provides utilities for inserting spreadsheets, pictures, charts, and other non text items into your docs and is Microsoft Office Wordproof so you can move smoothly between your desk top computer and your portable devices.

The entire process is done off-line, so you don't need an online session. For those who aren't intimidated by a sheet of empty sheet of hardcopy - or monitor - try Zoho Writer (iOS/Android), a text editor application for document creation, collaboration and edit. Easily generate and reformat your document and include pictures, spreadsheets, and more.

Imports, edits, and exports Word, PDF, ODT, HTML, or TXTs. The WPS Office (iOS/Android) is a free, cross-platform mobility device production suites that works seamlessly with all popular Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Adobe PDFs.

With robust functionality and easy-to-use text processing, you can effortlessly create, modify and store data while e-mail inclusion allows you to attach and recieve as well. You can use the editor functions to modify the font and color, adjust text orientation, and add table. With Kingsoft Office's data back-up function you can store and access your document from almost any Google Drive, Dropbox or machine.

Also, it encrypts to keep your document safe. Kingsoft Corp. iA Writer (iOS/Android) is a minimalistic text editors with some tempting functions. The touch screen keypad provides a series of custom symbols for more fluent typing and processing. Featuring beautiful thumbnail previews with a built-in font and a built-in document viewer to help you find your work.

Export to HTML, PDF and Word. This multifunctional application for notebooks (iOS) with its minimalistic user interfaces replaces several applications on your portable devices. First you can use the app to generate formated docs that are saved as HTML but can be edited in TextEdit, Word, Pages, and the Mac style notebook PC or you can use simple text annotations or Markdown.

With notebooks you can organise and organise your document, administer your to-do list, export your document in different format like RTF, PDF, Office, HTML and more. Synchronize or release notebooks via dropbox, a WebDav web browser, swap files via Apple apps, or e-mail. She specializes in cross-platform hard- and soft-ware, arts, design, photographic, videography and a broad palette of productive and imaginative applications and sys-tems.

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