Any Book Review in English

Every book review in English

This is the love story of a Beautiful Girl like no other. If the author's inclination is expressed at all, how? It' a book to read, if you think the English are weird. Book reviews are about self-expression, so you should write openly and honestly. Hispanic ("Jose Luis Parra");

Swedish (Harald Indgul); Turkish (Atilla ├ľnta?).

review A story of a pretty woman

Rachel Simon's new book is a tale of charity and hopes. This is the most beautiful girl's lovestory ever. Composed by bestselling writer Rachel Simon, this novel plunges into uncharted terrain - the ties between Lynnie and Homan, two inhabitants who were imprisoned at the School of the Incurable and the Stupid in the sixties.

This book begins with her flight on a chilly, wet one. So Lynnie seems dumb and Homan is numb, but her despair is clearly communicative. Lynnie is soon arrested, and Homan gets away. However, they have quickly deserved Martha's liking, and she accepts the accusation that Lynnie is whispering as she is taken away - to conceal the newly -born child in the herd.

This is how a tale begins that follows the figures through the next 40 years: Lynnie, who stays in the school and finds her own voices; Homan, always looking for the way back to her; and Martha, who raises the little woman called Julia. This is a film about the relationship between two humans who others think are unconnected.

He is the writer of a memorandum about her relation to her mentally handicapped sibling Beth, named after her. But Beth grew up at home with Simon during a nation shifting away from institutionalisation. The darkness of her presentation of the whole institutionality makes me wonder if she often felt as if my brother had left.

As a side-figure, Simon takes a brother and sisters child into this film. Years after her mother and father, misled by the behaviour of her daugther, Lynnie's nurse returned to the school. It was an Indie Bound bestseller, Christian Science Monitor bestseller and was featured in Oprah Magazine and USA Today. Bettina Simon often blog about her journeys, her writings and her intercession for the disabled.

A beautiful girl's tale is a beautiful and courageous one.

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