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We' re also writing our own book reviews. The Editor's Pick logo is also applied to every book we have read and enjoyed. Bring book reviews and book projects to a whole new level with this great Doodle Book Review! It's a novel by Virginia Reeves' book review. To read the full review of Work Like Any Other, click here:


We have tried here to gather book review articles from large on-line websites that are available without having to sign up or paying for them on a site. We are not only interested in a brief cover text or a small part of someone else's review. However, we sometimes accept smaller book review when longer ones are not available.

We try to find at least three book reviewers for each book mentioned here on different websites. In this way you can book as many of them as you like before you decide on a book. We' re also writing our own book review. The Editor's Pick logos are also printed on every book we have been reading and enjoying.

Usually, the absence of this logotype for each book only means that we have not been reading the book. The five main pages are usually used to browse through the latest supplements. All the latest literature will be added to this page, and if new ones are added, the book will be shifted to page 2 at the bottom of this page.

We' re also adding lists of British literature, mystery and thriller and non-fiction. Each book added to these pages also has its own page with all review pages (the main pages are only listing the first four). As a rule, these pages also contain a summary of the book and sometimes a link to other works by this writer.

If you click the[View all book review and summaries] shortcut in the list of a book on a main page, you will be taken to the personal page of that book. There is still a page for those that are no longer available on the main pages. You have two ways to find every book we have on this page.

In alphabetical order by titles, it shows all the titles we have on this page. Please be aware that this page was started in June 2002 and we only published a few volumes in the previous year. You will not find book review for older than these. It is not possible to list every new book published on this page.

There is a minimal requirements that each book must have three book revisions in the main on-line medium websites and then it is a totally personal procedure which book is added to this website. A few of the titles we select are loved, others are literature, and some are somewhat unusual, but fascinating to us.

For more information about adding or reviewing your own book on this website, please read our review policies. Note that many of the hypertext link we post to ratings on other websites are often out of date because they are either removed or placed in an archives on those websites. This means that we earn a small fee for every item bought from us via a link on this page.

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