Another word for Nonfiction

The other word for non-fiction

A top synonym for non-fiction (another word for non-fiction) is realistic. Find synonyms and information on the word non-fiction. Which are other words for non-fiction? The complete list of synonyms for non-fiction can be found here. Are there structures that work better than others?

Genre with another name?

Very few seem to be willing to accept the concept, although at this time almost everyone is using it. Phrases in literature, for example, have a beautiful sound, but risk being a little pratoatoato. Non-tarrative articles work for the more editorial end of the non-fiction range, but they do not go well with media or lyrical essay.

McPhee has sometimes used the notion of factual writing, but that's a mouth full and not enough to describe the range of the game. I don't see why nobody wants to boast that he even gave us that unpleasant notion. Although Lee is often rewarded (or accused of) coinage of the concept, he has not done so.

When you ask me, his article is quite inventive (and his umbilicus is very well admired). That I can testify since I was Lee's pupil in the mid-1970s (I said it was personal), and new media was indeed the concept that was spoken of. With Montgomery Culver, his supervisor, Lee recalls how he was looking for a way to explain "what was so different about what I did and what I could learn from the college freshman and journalist that was not.

Nobody, it seems, could remember where they first overheard it, so I started my own check. Nobody, it seems, could remember where they first overheard it, so I started my own check. It was the impulse to indicate that this was a "creative" course, not a journalistic or an expositore.

It seems the first use of the term was in a reviewer by Frank Conroy's Stop-Time, by David Madden, a scientist, author and lecturer here in Ohio from 1966 to 1968. The 1969 Survey of Contemporary Literature reviews Madden's call for a "redefinition" of non-fiction after Truman Capote, Jean Stafford and Norman Mailer and then turns to a brief debate on Norman Podhoretz.

Madeén is sure that he coined the word instead of adopting it, and the path ends there. Don't miss a word of the best real tales, well narrated.

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