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A writer, by common sense, is one who writes. But since every educated person puts words on paper for some strange purpose, they must exist. A writer is someone who likes to think creatively, loves language and the art of writing. The "author" remains to this day an open question both with regard to his general function in discourse and in my own writings, that is, this question allows it. Nowadays, in the Internet and social media, an author is someone whose work is usually published in book form.

Creating an author blog (and why you need it)

It is not the same as a website. A number of writers (usually those who are already well legible like Dan Brown) do well with a dynamic website; a website where most of the contents remain the same. Others, like Anne R. Allen, have only one blogs (an award-winning blog).

Let us say you want to launch an author blogs. Do you want to know which Blogging-Plattform to use? WordPress. If you' re just getting started, you'll have many ways to get started on which of our platforms. So, why WordPress about the others? In simple terms, it's the largest blogging site in the whole wide globe - more than 100,000 new sites are created there every single workingday to keep you in good buddhab.

There are two different editions of the WordPress site before you log in - . com They both use the same release of the program and both are free to use (type of). Or you can purchase additional fees to have your own domainname ( as distinct from

A. org website is another cauldron of fishing that it is intentional that you should have the WordPress installation on your own website with a third part. This may sound a little bit fiddly, but in reality most reputable web site hosters provide a one-click installation of WordPress without you having to do much more than the One-Click.

No more headaches in the near term and use right from the start. Check out Hosted Ireland or Let's Hosted; both provide the fabulous one-click installation of WordPress. Select a domainname. Select a hosted offering. Usually you will deal with so-called Sharing Hosted Services, where you will receive less than 4 per year.

As soon as you have selected your name and your Hostingplan (and separated from your money), you will be able to start seriously. Browse to your WordPress window where you can install the latest WordPress with one click. You will be forwarded to WordPress, where you can configure your user name and your passwort.

One tip to create your user name is to use the name under which you want to write. This is your WordPress user name and this is the one you will use. This is also valid for the use of the standard admin user name. Select a topic for your blogs. More than 1,600 free WordPress topics are available, the most common of which are twenty-twenty, twenty-eight, and twenty-twelve.

When you are a bit choosy and 1,600 subjects are not enough for you, top-notch wordpress subjects are a Choice. There' s a literal hundred thousand to chose from, but by far the most highly rated is a Genesis frameworks plus a children's topic of your choosing. When you start your own blogs, you may also need to think about the creation of a log.

On-line logos can be created using our on-line logos. For example, with Logaster, you can make a great logotype for your own website or your own blogs for free. They can also be used to add extra items such as visiting card, stationery, face masks and favicon to your blogs in just a few mins. Optionally: If you're interested in what kind of footfall your new blogs attract (and you should be), you should register for a free Google Analytics site to use.

You will receive a small amount of HTML to paste into your WordPress page. Meanwhile, you should have a good notion of how to create an author blogs. They might also poverty to publication Anne R. Allen's position on the top 10 self-sabotaging nonaccomplishment of the maker-blogger.

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