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Association of American Publishers, Inc. Here is a list of all publishers in the United States. The Association of American Publishers is a national professional association for book and magazine publishers. We represent America's leading commercial, educational and scientific publishers. The Association of American Publishers Inc (AAP) is a professional association of the book publishing industry.

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For many years we have been helping to collect billions of US Dollar for colleges and organisations all over the state! The M2 Media Group is one of the leading advertising and media companies in the journal publish-ing sector. Represented more than 1,000 magazines through its direct-to-publisher ecosystem, the firm serves billions of subscribers across the nation every year.

The technologydriven merchandising programmes include e-commerce and on-line retailing programmes, retention and rewards programmes and school and other non-profit organisation based young people fund-raising. In 2013, the Alliance for Audited Media estimates the overall print run of all publications at over 350 million. Journals are a well-liked, cost-effective and comfortable option for fund-raising!

Keep in mind that every subscriptions you sell raise much-needed resources for your school or organization!

Survey Series | OAP

The statistic reporting from AP provides the most complete and coherent intelligence available in the publishers world. StatShot provides two StatShot surveys: a month-to-month survey of current year figures and a more extensive full-year survey with historic track. Covering all four industrial branches - retail, specialist and scientific publishers, universities and educational institutions prior to the 12th Framework Programme. StatShot Yearly - Track multi-year revenues and unit revenues with a strong emphasis on categories and formatsales.

AnAP StatShot Monthly - The most common, up-to-date turnover figures by category and format for the year. The AAP also compiles the only complete statistics for the educational system (prec 12 and higher education), scientific periodicals and commercial exports. AnAP PreK-12 Educational Report - Detailed information on the business, which includes monitoring the status of adoptions and non-adoptions in classes 6 and 6-12.

The AAP Higher Educa- tion Report - Gross and net revenues and yields of all pro-career cutbacks generated by the major players in the higher educational world. Selling and uniting of AAP Journal Report. The AAP Trade Exports Report - US books sell worldwide in US languages, broken down by turnover, unit, print format, digitized format and top-territory.

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