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It' much easier than you think, even if you publish it yourself. Once you've published paperback titles using the Createspace service, it's time to think about converting your books to Amazon KDP. I personally decided to publish directly on Amazon KDP, Kobo Writing Life and iBooks. If you publish a Kindle book, the main market where you want to sell it is the United States, which is on

Amazam FBA for fulfillment in the USA and self-packed Canada Post for Canada/Overseas.

Authors' Guide to Self-Publishing for Canadians

This is the right thing for you if you thought about self-publishing but were worried that it was too technically advanced and had too many different abilities to use! If you are a well-published writer whose books have been returned to you, or an unpublished writer wishing to immerse yourself in the independent self-publishing community, you will want it - no, you will need it - this work!

Don't let the "For Canadians" stop you from getting this one. Some of the detail is different - like the fact that Canadians have free ISBNs - but the extensive information is for anyone who wants to know how to post themselves. It is not only extensive, it is also spelled in such a way that its information is easily digestible.

Covering all aspects of self-publishing, from the initial fundamentals to preparing manuscripts and providing an outline of the key actors for self-publishers. It even provides information if you choose self-publishing. Packing the volume is an essential attachment that contains, among other things, a glossary, a table of distributors, a directory of file requirements, a resource list, other articles, links to YouTube video and writing groups.

It covers virtually every facet of self-publishing as it is today and has done a great work to remove the intimidating factors from self-publishing.

The Canadians who are selling Kindle e-books need to know

For all my fellow writers in Canada who want to buy or distribute their eBooks through Amazon's Kindle services. Well, I began sellin' Kindle literature last year. I got a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a shock this weeks in the Amazon mailing, a "Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding".

Amazons will retain 30% of the emoluments they pay for Kindle's work. Those of us who live and work in Canada are exempted from taxation at source. From what I can see (and I might be mistaken here, but that's what I found in a conversation with the Canada Revenue Agency and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the US), the excuse is that the federal administration will be taxing you on this revenue if you are sincere about your license revenue and declare it at t...

If Amazon deducts the taxes, you are basically double taxpayed.... 30% on the US side and another 30% on the Canada side, a total of about 60% taxes. Amazons does not handle the forms without TIN (Tax Identification Number). Complete the W8-BEN questionnaire. Either your ISIN or your ON must be entered on your registration request or Amazon will not edit it.

Please fill out and sign the following blanks and return them to Amazon. Scanning your application and sending it by e-mail to the e-mail adress you have provided. Once you have your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) accout. This means do it before you make your first Amazon purchase.

Failure to use the W8-BEN contract services correctly will result in Amazon withholding the VAT. In this case, you must complete both a W8-BEN and a sworn declaration sheet. I am still awaiting approval that they will refund the 2011 withholdings.

The big sacrifice: I am not an authority on US tax or Canada tax. Explore our resource for authors and publishing houses in Canada: She is a member of the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada.

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