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Happy birthday, you published your eBook yourself; you should be thrilled. Authors/authors published in the UK must know that ebook links to are not for ebook buyers outside the UK.

Saving my life by designing a professional ebook for free - how to write. I' m Nigerian and have published a few books about Amazon myself.

Authors-UK Self-Published - Beware of Geo-blocking

A lot of new British writers I've had contacts with are often not aware that their e-books available on are only for British people. Whilst it is impossibility to attend to this when you are in the UK, an ebook page on has taken out the "buy button" for all non-British consumers and superseded with the following notic.

In lieu of this, the buyer can buy e-books! This is because Amazon stores other than the US are geographically secure. If you are a British self-published author, it is vital to make sure that all ebook buy ties to ebook page are linked to that.

Whilst it is uncomfortable, it is a question of ensuring that an ebook is made available to buy as many prospective purchasers as possible. Since the US is the largest ebook sales region, it makes good business sense to use US and not UK based ebook sites. In addition, provides shopping through a number of other jurisdictions other than the United States.

This may have something to do with the story of Amazon UK., a British bookseller, became Amazon UK on 15 October 1998. Perhaps there was an arrangement at the outset to keep Amazon UK apart, or perhaps on a similar footing to a franchising company. For whatever reason, Amazon UK to date is a completely different website from other Amazon ebook shops.

Not even to the point that Autor Central UK is not connected at all with Amazon Autor Central US. UK readers' responses are kept separate and ratings are computed and shown in a completely different way. This difference is important for UK self-publishers as it is the only way to ensure an appropriate level of selling out.

Whilst it may seem that e-books are available through UK self-published writers for the class, the abolitionist is that only UK product consumer get a buy fastener when they meeting or stumbling across a UK ebook family on party instrumentality. It is very doubtful for anyone outside the UK that they will bother to copy the ASIN number of the eBook and then go to, then insert the number and find the eBook.

It will be a cul-de-sac if the outside world can find an site with British writers and their book. I would advise British self-publishers to always add two references to each advertisement. There is one for the UK and one for the US, which means quite literally that of the other two.

But, if there is a place for only one purchase connection, use the US connection to, and give your ebook the best probability of sale.

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