Amazon Publish your own Ebook

Publish your own Amazon Ebook

They publish according to their own schedule. Post, so that everyone to upload, publish and sell his own eBook for free. Goalkeepers for the release have fallen apart and are desperate. Before she could leave, the child hocking began to tell her own stories. You are free to share it or embed it on your own site.

Publish your eBook in Indian languages on Amazon KDP: Indian language published on Kindle for Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam. eBook: This is Arun Sarathy: Kindlestore Shop

So I bought this ledger an hours ago. It' a concise one, and it took me about 30 and a half mins. to get through it. I wanted to publish my Hindi and Malayalam literature. I already have 85 accounts of Kindle, but I lost a lot of dollars in relation to the US levy.

I know how to cut that in half now. The amount of cash I am saving each and every months would be tenfold the amount I have invested to buy a work. He' been helping a vet like me with 85 Kindle textbooks.

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Getting Your Own Ebook Giveaway HOME (Without Amazon KDP)

There' has been a multitude of fuzz recently about ebook sponsorships, specifically with Amazon KDP select routine (where you can give your product away to Kindle concise user for 48 hours). I' ve decided NOT to join Amazon because Amazon needs to be exclusively distributed, which means that I would have to stop selling through Smashwords, which would stop my eBook from being available to people who read it, iPad subscribers and so on.

One of the other disadvantages of using Amazon is that you never know who is downloading your eBook. After the doctorate there is no possibility for the writer to contact the reader. And so I decide to start my own advertising campaigns. I' ve created a register page on my website where users can fill in a first name, last name and e-mail adress.

Webdesigner designed the template that enters all e-mail address in a data base that I can exported and re-enter into my e-mail managment system. Once registered, the user was sent an e-mail with a page for downloading the eBook. Smashwords required them to go through the purchase process with a free rebate number.

There was an added benefit for those who let them know that if they write a Review in the next 30 day and publish it on Amazon,, Smashwords, their own blog or online community and then provide me with a confirmation email, I would add nine downloads (reports, spreadsheets, etc.).

In order to create something like this for this occasion, I did the following: "Free-of-charge online advertising book: Do you own your niche of Stephanie Chandler @bizauthor Get your copy here: Toets were a big part of this advertising campaigns with tens of toweets. I had some problems with my trial and the downloaded page.

Next I will, however, be more pro-active when it comes to informing others about the initiative and just asking them to speak out. Sending a PRWeb news item for this ad would have been interesting to see if it was taken up by other publications.

So if you wonder why I would be excited about giving away over 1,000 pieces of my eBook, let me dedicate them to you. It should be the aim of every writer to anchor your work in the heads of as many people as possible.

Though only 10% of those who have download the books will tell a fan about it, it will generate continued enthusiasm and interest in the work. Providing the extra bonuses has also contributed to stimulating some great on-line review, and I'm sure many more will arrive before the 30-day period expires.

And, because I was hosting this give away myself, everyone who signed up has been added to my mailinglist. I think my textbook fits well with my line of work, so I'm pretty sure that this long term marketing drive will create new long-term sales possibilities (customers, commitments to speak, etc.). There is no charge to give a gift of a good old electronic textbook and I would repeat this ad in no time at all.

I had a lot of pleasure hearing from kind and kindly reading, to thank me for my kindness and to congratulate the work. I' m sure several hundred will be reading my story and I haven't even listened to it before all these stories are published on Twitter. So, if you are looking for a way to stir up some interest for your product, a free advertising operation can really work well.

I' m very involved with online marketing, have subscriber mailinglists that have been with me for a long period of my life and have developed a great deal of loyalis. However, even without a large backbone, you can still create a great deal of fuzz and one way or another you will be adding new members to your mailinglist - and that alone can be worth its weight in gold.

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