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e-Book Formatting Guide | Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Here is how to convert a Microsoft Word script into a KDP uploadable document.....

All the information we give is unique to Word 2016, but the process is similar in most releases. There may be some footsteps that are not necessary for your work.

Once you've formatted your script in Word, use Kindle Create to put the final touch on it. With just a few mouse clicks, this free utility turns your files into a nice eBook. This can help you reformat your cover page and single sections and modify the appearance of your text by using theming.

In the Home page, right-click the regular styles and select Change. Select the Formats dropdown menu and select Paragraph. Formatthechapterheadings. While you are writing your text, add title 1 to section headings. It will also help you to generate your index later.

Position the mouse pointer next to the first section name. Do this for each section heading. The front page contains items such as titles, copyrights and dedications. You should have a cover page with your eBooks titles and name. Choose the Insert page. Hyperlink insertion. Please refer to the "Links" section of this help page for more information on our guidelines for linking.

Choose the Paste page. Click Add footnote on the Links page. Paste pictures It is recommended to use Kindle Create to create pictures, which will be described later in this manual. Childle Create can help you add and manipulate the image sizes and orientation with pre-set settings on the basis of professionally designed bookshows.

These are our top hints for how to add pictures in Word: Pasting pictures in full-sized. Add pictures to your document; do not crop and past. Once you have inserted your pictures, you should not zoom them, as this reduces the image quality. It is also recommended to add a blank line before and after the pictures.

In order to add an image: Choose the Paste page. Choose the desired document from your computer and click Paste. Switch off the picture compressing. In order to decrease the filesize, Word is adjusted to shrink pictures. Browse to the Files page and click Preferences. Search for advanced by picture quality and pictureize. Click to clear the Do not collapse pictures to files option.

Verify the picture quality. Not sure if your pictures are high definition? Verify the picture detail and compute pixel per in: PPI: Right click on the picture and choose Properties. Pay attention to the number of pixel below the picture head. Split the number of pixel by the picture area.

The number of pixels in your picture, for example, is 1200 x 1800, and the picture is 4" x 6". This means that your picture has 300 PPI. Generate an enabled directory. This is recommended to be done with Kindle Creating, which is described later in this manual. In a few mouse clicks, the utility recognizes chapters title values, add style and index.

How to generate a TOC in Word: Please click on the place where you want to add your index. Click the Reference page and click Sitemap. Click Automatic Chart 1. Re-click TOC, but this case click Custom TOC. If you are asked if you want to change the directory, click Yes.

Select the name of the content directory. Select the Insert tabs and click Bookmarks in the Links section. Add a page makeup after your index. You can use Word's built-in spell checker and language editing tool, as well as manual proofreading of your work. Tough returned books can unintentionally alter the look of your books.

In order to prevent this, only use harsh return codes if you want to begin a new section or make additional room between the sections. Covermovie picture filename. Do not insert your front page into your script files. If you' re publishing your e-book, we'll just pop in the artwork you specify when you write the album. In addition, eBooks have no header or footer, so you don't have to put them in your files.

It is not recommended to paste text fields and forms to generate charts. When you want to embed such pictures, paste them as pictures. They are usually used for the first character of the first set of a section. Dropdown cap is fully featured, but they may not appear the way you want when you enter them in Word.

It is recommended that you use Kindle Create to create items such as dropping cap. You can download (PC or Mac) and reinstall Kindle Create. Click on Kindle Create and click on New Project from File. Select the kind of books you create and click Select File. Then Kindle Create imports your documents. Kind Create starts searching for chapters.

The system displays a listing of the proposed section headings. Check each proposed section by selecting it in the Headings group. Clear the check for each headline that is not a section header. It will create your directory. Position the pointer next to your text and click on the ACCOUNT TYPE pushbutton in the Text Properties area on the far right.

It formats your bibliography. Position the pointer next to the first section of your first section and click on section First section. As a result, a droplet cover (a large uppercase letter) is added to the first character of the first part of a section. Do the same for each beginning of the section.

Adding pictures Childle Create needs JPG-pictures. For sharpness, we suggest at least 100 pixel on the longest side and 300 pixel per in. (PPI). If you want to insert an image: Right click where you want to insert the picture and select Insert Picture from the pop-ups. Select the picture you want to include and click Open.

You have your picture added and the picture properties are shown in the Properties Area. Select a file name. It is also possible to move small and middle pictures. When you format in Kindle Create, you can start the viewer there. Before submitting your e-book for publishing, you can use our help to find problems you should fix.

Store your files in DOC/DOCX form. Load the DOC/DOCX files. Ready your files for publishing in Kindle Create by selecting Package in the upper right-hand area. Load the KPFs. Once you have submitted your work, we will check it out. Find out more about the timetable for new releases.

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