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KDP formatting guidelines (link to PDF) are free and of course a must. Amazon's Kindle Publishing Guidelines for InDesign Amazon's Kindle Publishing Team has published a new paper entitled Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines for Kindle Plug-in for Adobe ByDesign 0.93. Updated: Since September 2013 the latest Kindle plug-in is 0.973, the PDF guide is here and the guide in Adobe Acrobat Reader is here.

Provides in-depth policies with screen shots and clear directions on how to optimise your Kindle data for the Kindle MultiPrint (.mobi) filename before you upload it to the Kindle Retail store for purchase.

That' nice, but even cozier, the new policy paper itself is in InDesign?it is an INDD that is stored in CS4 and has been created by the KP staff as an example of a correctly formated (for the Kindle export) version of AnDesign. From a technical point of view, the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guides for OnDesign is a guide to using the free and recently upgraded Exporto Kindle plug-in for OnDesign, which works with CS4, CS5 and CS5.5.

This plugin is available in the File submenu as an exporter for Kindle and also in the Libraries submenu if you want to import an EnDesign manual (INDB) in Kindle size. It is intelligent enough to use InDesign page break (the custom characters you can add from the File > Page Break menu) to encode page break in the exported Kindle workbook.

In fact, the policy suggests that you use the Keeps preference of "Start on Next Page" in a parenthesis type, so you don't have to type the carriage return sign by hand, and the plug-in will work. InDesign' own EXPUB import cannot do this. Unfortunately, it is the same plug-in for CS4 to CS5.5, so it uses the smallest possible denominator of CS4's INDD > XPUB feature set for heavier lift, in addition to the specific tips that the plug-in itself has added.

This means for CS5.5-user, that the plugin "Export to Kindle" will ignore the article window and object exports options. To use these functions, you must first import to EPCB and then use other free Amazon and third-party applications (KindleGen or Kindle Previewer, see below ) to migrate the standalone EPCB to MOBI.

However, keep in mind the Export to Kindle plug-in is still in it' s initial phase and you are welcome to join the Kindle Direct Publishing forum with your thoughts on its features and ease of use. The new Kindle Publishing Guidelines for InDesign is a must if you want to make the best possible Kindle eBook from your InDesign files.

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