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This is how it works:

Get all the benefits of Kindle's great free product promotions and PLUS selling PLUS benefit from 50+ extra eBook selling options. Choose eBook Delivery when signing up. In the first 90 days your eBook will be available on Amazon where you can use advertising material for your promotions.

Select either Free E-Book Promotion, so your reader can get your free edition for a finite period of the year, or Kindle Count Deals, where you can get your books for a finite period of the year while still making up to 70% of your revenue. The Kindle Select programme contains your eBooks in 90-day steps.

If you choose not to use KDP Select at Amazon, your eBook will be shipped to our 60+ branch office chain - includes Amazon Kindle.

Are Amazon KDP Selections the right choices for you?

You' ve done your research and know that Amazon listings are a must for the Kindle world. However, should you go one better and register for the Kindle Direct Publishing Select programme? While KDP Select requires the sole right to sale, it can boast of maximizing the full value of a work and helping you get to a new clientele.

But does KDP Select really work? An entry in the Amazon Kindle Shop (including those for America, UK, Germany, France and Japan) and an entry as part of the Kindle Owner's Lending Library. Kindle Lending Library is a subscriptionservice that allows Kindle users to rent a broad variety of e-books at no additional charge.

You will be charged for each KDP Select Global Fund file that is available for free each month. The KDP Select programmes run for 90 working nights. You are eligible for five of these dates to either request a Kindle Countdown offer (a temporary offer where your e-book is discounted) or a Free Book offer (where the reader can get your e-book for free for a temporary period).

It' Amazon says it best: Any contents made available exclusively to Amazon in KDP Select may only be offered for distribution on our website; they cannot be purchased free of charge or in any other electronic formats.... However, you may elect to make up to 10% of your work available as samples on other websites and to keep distributing your work in a different form than computer.

Kindle Owner's Lending is the big attraction that presents your work to a wide public that is especially willing to try something new. They are much more likely to give you a try because they charge for using the book and not for single e-books, and you are still getting payed by subscription.

In addition to this substantive drawing, the lending library comes with a map of the best free and paid-outs. Besides the lending library, your e-book is quoted on Amazon, although this is also possible outside the KDP Select-programme. You can only make 35% in these markets outside the KDP Select programme.

Kindle countdown offers and free book promotional offers are as valuable as you give them. You get rebated bonuses when your e-book is discountable and none when it is free, so these bonuses are more for boosting your visibility and collecting an audiences than for boosting sell. During the lending library will give you more individual listings than your e-book for purchase, not every downloadeder will be a readers.

After having already purchased the right to lend e-books, members of the archive tend to download as many as possible without the intent of read them all. If you are not interested in your category, you can get a low rating if you find that your textbook is not for you.

Obviously this varies from volume to volume and there is no way to gauge how widespread it is, but categories like sci-fi and imagination can evoke surprising vitamin reactions from those who don't like them. Anyone who does not acquire a certain work may be confused, even deceived, if it turns out that they have accidentally download one (especially those biographies suffering from this kind of disapproval).

It' up to you if you think your textbook benefits more from a nosy public than from the indifferent. However, the programme will run for 90 days incrementally, so that you are free to decide at the end of a run and keep your eBooks on Amazon for list.

It is possible that the Kindle Countdown and Free Book deals could also work against you, based on the knowledge of Amazon clients. The KDP Select is best used as part of a focused sales approach and not as a long lasting solution. Borrowing library and 5-day activities are good for developing a reading public, but in the long run they do not make up for the incapacity to be able to sell through other businesses.

Doing so is particularly useful if you have created a serial. So you could put the first volume of the show on KDP Select to get folks to launch your show. When you sell your first novel, KDP Select is probably not for you; once a readership has your space at a discounted or free rate, they can't go anywhere.

You may know your name, but will you be remembering in six month's time when your second volume is promoted at full cost? So if you only have one available copy, make sure you have a hyperlink to your e-mail address on the back of the text. If you like your own styles, you can at least register to get an update from you.

Putting the necessary efforts into a KDP listing, which means that you are proactively promoting your offerings, could help to increase your visibility and educate a broad spectrum of audiences that your name is a synonym for excellence. Similarly, if your most important goal is for everyone to understand your work, there are few better ways to make it available to the inquisitive audience covered by the lending library.

Of course, you can only buy your books through the Kindle Retail Stores and have no intention of distributing them elsewhere. If so, you have nothing to loose, go to KDP Choose and try to maximise the rebate period to help your group. Are you registered with KDP choose or are you thinking about it?

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