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please enter your e-mail address. However, should you go one step further and sign up for the Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program? You can bring your books and have them signed for FREE! Login to comment. approx: In order to get started, first create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account.'s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Childle Direct Publishing provides e-book-only publishing, a favorite choice of writers and writers of genres (for's pocketbook publishing tools, see CreateSpace). Of course, you should thoroughly check all functions and contract items before you sign up for a self-publishing site, here are some of the Kindle Direct Publishing highpoints.

KDP's editorial & design publishing service - Kindle Direct Publishing does not provide editing per se (although these service offerings are offered for a charge by KDP's Amazon affiliate CreateSpace). KDP offers a concise KDP e-booklet (in both Kindle and PDF format) that contains in-depth tech specs for successfully publishing your e-book on the KDP platforms.

The KDP Boock Package - Kindle Direct Publishing provides e-book only and, as mentioned above, provides parameter and instruction for the tecnical specification for formating the document. As well as the directions for the data type, strongly recommends that the title page of the eBook be convincing, although for eBooks that do not have a picture, the page is filled in with a single space.

Books /prices - There are no up front costs for self-publication on KDP. Writers choose their own pricelist; provides 35% royalty and 70% royalty options, each with its own parameter.'s Kindle Direct Publishing Book Distributor - The Kindle Store provides a sales channels for KDP-published writers.

If you own Amazon Kindle, you can buy KDP contents from the Kindle Store page and use the Amazon Kindle Remote E-Reader to view them. If you don't own an Amazon Kindle, you can also view KDP contents on your PC or Mac with Kindle for PC/Mac or KDP contents on your cell phone or PDA with Kindle for Mobil Devices ASP.

Childle Direct Publishing Books Publicity and Branding - When an editor posts via KDP, it is part of Amazon merchandise management software. Whilst it is not clear how quickly a new product is added to the click stream (it probably has to do with the subject, selling movements, etc.), on-line merchandising can contain the cover and descriptions that appear when a client views the page of another product, under such cross-promotional areas as "More products to consider", "Customers with similar searches bought" and "Customers who also purchased this product".

Proprietary benefits of Kindle Direct Publishing - In top of the apparent sales opportunities of's direct publishing channel, Kindle Direct Publishing gives you the option of extra benefits, such as extra license fees, through a function known as KDP Select. When you sign up to's KDP Select, writers make their Kindle Owners' Lending Library copy available (a reader services where Kindle/Amazon Advance library borrowers can lend for free).

Every montly Amazon provides a fund in which the KDP Select writers participate, depending on how often their works are lent out. The percentage of an individual writer in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library Fund is computed on the basis of a percentage of the overall number of eligible loans of all KDP securities taking part.

During this time, if a work has been lent 1,500 copies, the writer of the work receives 1. If you have already posted to KDP, you can also register with KDP Select. Please see the Kindle Direct Publishing website. You are welcome to send in a review from Kindle Direct Publishing or another self-publishing agency if you have your own work.

You can also review other authors' self-publication experience.

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