Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing my Account

Amazam Kindle Direct publishing my account

Managing Your Account | Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Search the following subjects to find out more about account management.....

You can find more information about the account's functions on our help page. What can I do to modify my account information? Please note: Changes to your account information (including name, e-mail and postal address) necessitate an updating of your taxation information. When changing this information, please repeat the taxation survey in your KDP account.

Where' s my book? You may have signed in with the right e-mail and a different passcode if you login to your account and don't see your work. Unsubscribe from KDP and Amazon. Empty your browser's buffer and cookie, then exit your web browsers. Reopen your web navigator, go to your account and login with the e-mail you used to set up your account and your download.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are not sure which one.

Edit My Account Information | Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Use the following procedure to refresh the account information in your KDP account: Please click on the My Account at the top right of the page. Fill in your name and postal contact details to add "company/editor information". Select your method of financing under the heading "Payment information". When you select EFT, click the "Add or Edit Account" tab and enter your US account information.

Please refer to your account help page for more information on how to update your account and set up your account.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Account Features

You can use your bookcase to publish new books and refresh available books such as descriptions, categories, title images and prices. When you want to strip a previously released Amazon song, you can do so. You have the possibility to cancel your order if it has never been released before.

Use the drop-down lists "Sort by" and "Filter by" at the top of the bookcase to arrange and select your titles. When you want to browse your contents, you can do so by keywords; this function scans the descriptive, titling, status, and name of the writer of the forms. As standard, we order your book lists by the date on which they were last changed.

Use the drop-down list "Sort by" at the top of the bookshelf to modify the order of your bookshelf. Then you can browse in alphabetical order by titles or by people. It is also possible to choose to order by prize (highest-lowest or reverse ) or by the date your song was deposited or last changed (old-newest or reverse).

You can see where your eBook is in the publishing lifecycle by using the progress bar in the Contents list: Because of your inquiry or a question with the contents of the volume, your song has not been made available for further processing. We' re currently checking your library before publishing it to the Kindle Store.

Publishing. She has finished her reviews and will be available soon at the Kindle Store. She has her own copy of the story and is available at the Kindle Store. Uploading or modifying your books but not yet released. Preorder page for a full listing of pre-order status.

In order to refresh a track or post changes, click the ellipse ("....") icon on the Book actions submenu next to the track you want to modify and choose "Edit details". In order to modify the pricing or the license schedule, click on the Ellipse icon in the Book actions menue and choose "Edit rights and prices".

Or use the Book actions page to add your e-book to your advantages and merchandise programmes such as KDP Select or Matchbook. You can use the Book Actions link in the Book Actions submenu for tracks that are already registered in these applications to display KDP Select information and administer your actions.

It' a place where you can share thoughts, suggestions, know-how and opinion with other writers and publishing houses. If you are a global reader, you can get your copy for free for a certain period of the year.

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