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Starring Darren Hardy, Amazon KDP He is the executive director of Amazon's Kindle Direct publishing (KDP), the organization that has transformed the careers of millions of indie writers around the world. At around twenty years of age in the industry, he was playing a pivotal part - and had a singular eye on the revolutionary world of electronic publication. This is partly because the organization is constantly innovating for its writers and readership (there are some great samples of this in this episode).

He also gives some handy hints for new writers on how to get a good launch into self-publishing - and how to arouse Amazon's interest. If you are an accomplished independent writer or just beginning, you will find this story both intriguing and useful.

Darren's beginnings at Amazon and his move to KDP. How Amazon has evolved since Darren teamed up. How Amazon keeps its innovative spirit running. Whether the Amazon client is the author or the readership. One of the latest developments is Kindle Direct Printing for paperbacks. Whether the perceptions of self-publication have altered.

Darren's thoughts on how new writers should be published. How writers can attract Amazon's interest.

About authoring a book with Google Docs and Amazon KDP

You can use Google Docs if you are writing brief manuals and have restricted use of the comments function. The HTML of Amazon KDP is a technological disaster, and Amazon needs to fix it. Some thoughts and hints to complete a volume with both. Docs that seem to say "documents, spreadsheets as well as Google Drive presentations" (I have trouble calling the Google product) is a good option for these kinds of files because it's saved on line and well embedded in all of Google.

Whether a former Googler, the use of docs was definitely my favorite option to compose the script of my last work. I think I've fully exploited Docs' power - not in terms of functionality, but in terms of power. So the more I did and the more guys worked with me, the slowed down the docs. Googles Text & Spreadsheets is a little vulnerable to problems with your connection to the Internet.

When you are planning to use Docs to create a volume, do it for a short volume (up to 100 pages), but not for longer ones, and not if you expect many comment. Docs will be great as always. The KDP is Amazon's publishing and selling website. I like KDP in general, but I like to agree with some things I need to look out for and ask Amazon to fix them.

Although KDP will accept HTML, Word, MOBI, ePub, RTF, PDF and simple text, none of the appropriate file types into which a Google Docs file can be translated (HTML, Word, RTF, PDF and simple text) will be displayed properly. The use of Google Docs default settings is also included. While I don't want to make it again bad for Docs or KDP, it's enough to say that it was the hidden wish that I could create a Docs file and, voila, it worked in KDP (feature demand, Docs team?).

As a matter of fact, I could put here an expression that would fill a whole text. All that remains for us is a great deal of work for any writer or his wizard to find out what works and what doesn't, and how to create enough sucking power to do it. Those were the points of pains when I wrote a textbook with Docs and KDP.

However, here is something that can, the heart of the HTML file that I have used for 100 things: Unless Amazon improves this, there is actually an opportunity to create an enhanced, user-audited KDP guideline and make it a real sales hit. It' depressing to see Amazon create a small marketplace.

Thats not to say that I'm basically up for rent again, but just that there's company Google #1, but also always to hear inclusive of Amazon I'd.

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