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e-publishing Amazon DII E-publishing: A guide for beginners to formatting, adding and promoting your e-Book like a professional eBook: This is Lisa DeSpain: Kindlestore Shop I' ll confess that I'm a little prejudiced against Lisa DeSpain in this Review because she and her firm,, did a *perfect* task to format my two books for Kindle. Lisa really knows her things when it comes to reformatting and conversion of your electronic books, and all the other things that go along with this whole thing, and she shows them in this one.

Caused by Lisa talking about her area of specialization, I chose DIY epublishing and I was not upset. Right from the start Lisa wrote about a potentially boring topic in a clear, welcoming and welcoming manner that amuses as much as possible. In addition to masking the many permutations of transforming your e-Books into e-Pub and Mobi-format, Lisa devotes a substantial part of the volume to distribution and merchandising, which makes it worth it for those of us with e-Books already in the press.

Put simple, this product provides the maker with a ready-to-use mixture; buy this and you faculty scholar active the head government of the ad class, the information of the electronic communication, and how to class and sale your electronic communication once you person publicized it. Lisa's attention to detail - especially with the information about the electronic file converter - is noteworthy.

It guides you through every part of the entire procedure one by one. Quite honestly, I'm surprised at her magnanimity in this volume, because she seems to have given away a great deal of hard-earned epublishing know-how for a few bucks. Considering the fact that converting and reformatting your notebook is their main job, it is even more astonishing.

Another thing that comes through in DIY epublishing, something I've seen over and over again working with Lisa, is that she really takes care of people's project and wants her e-books to be properly translated and reformatted to perfection. Linking to Lisa to manage my e-book reformatting and transformation needs has been a terrific gift to my typing.

Now, I can only concentrate on my typing because I know that I have it for the technology in my own backyard when I decide to publish it. When you are an independent writer looking for a publication, do yourself a favour and buy your own books to help you. Even better, discontinue your business to do the converting and reformatting, and buy your books to give you advice on selling and selling.

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