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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing | eBook Licensing Options There are two license types for each of your eBooks: the 35% license type and the 70% license type.....

In order to be eligible for the 70% license facility, a book must fulfill these requirements: As Amazon adds more and more functions to Kindle and the Kindle Store, this feature set will increase over the years.

The securities must also be registered with KDP select to receive a 70% license fee on customer purchases in Brazil, Japan, Mexico and India. As long as the book complies with the listing prices, all works are still entitled to the 35% license fee. When you choose the 35% License Fee feature, your license fee is 35% of the listed value added tax-free amount for each purchased item.

When you choose the 70% License Fee feature, your license fee is 70% of the listed value excluding tax, less shipping (the shipping cost is $0.06 per item purchased and varies by data size), for each qualifying product purchased to clients in the 70% areas, and 35% of the listed value for each item purchased to clients outside the 70% areas.

In the event that we resell your online purchase at a lower than your listed value excluding tax to compare the value with a third person who sells a copy of the online or hard copy, or to compare Amazon's value for a hard copy of the print, you will get 70% of our retail value for each qualifying copy resold to clients in the 70% areas, less shipping and after-tax.

There is no need to reside in one of the 70% areas to obtain the 70% license options. This 70% license is for copyrighted works only. Pre-1923 works, mainly publicly accessible works, and other publicly accessible works are only suitable for the 35% license only.

Adding extensive source material or publishing an source text so that your work is not primarily free of publicity would qualify for the 70% license opt. You can find more information on our Publishing Publication on our Publishing Publication help page.

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