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Just follow these simple steps to create, publish, promote and earn money with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. Allchem is finalist in the KDP Pen to Publish competition. We help authors maximize their ebook sales through their own Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account and cut out the need for a middle person. Childle Direct Publishing has opened so many doors that were previously closed to amateur writers. Childle Self-Publishing is an easy way to publish your own eBook on Amazon.

Their bank location: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

From October 2017, Kindle Direct Publishing will no longer offer cheque services for new bank account purchases in the European Union. The direct fundraising, also known as EFT, has no limit and is the quickest and safest way to receive your license pay. If you are currently getting cheques, we recommend that all writers switch their preferred means of depositing money today.

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KDP's advantages and disadvantages opt for exclusiveness at Amazon

Registering with Amazon KDP Selects means that you must give Amazon sole sales privileges. Don't confuse Amazon KDP Selections with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Though only one of the words is different, the Choose appendix makes a huge impact on how you post, promote and resell your crafting. If you' re publishing with Kindle and now with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), there are no limits to where or how your eBooks are offered for purchase.

Today, this is often referred to as open publishing. With KDP you can use KDP to post and also with Draft2Digital, Smashwords or another self-publisher. Using KDP you can provide your e-book for selling with Amazon Kindle of course as well as any other e-book retailers such as Apple, Kobo, B&N plus many more.

However, if you want, you can sell your notebook for free on any dealer or your own website. However, with KDP Select there are many thoughts before you click on a small check mark and log in. Choose Amazon KDP Advantages and Disadvantages. There is a small possible license fee increment as your product is likely to generate 70% of license revenue from customer revenues in Brazil, Japan, India and Mexico.

If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited (KU), your volume will be available to Amazon Kindle subscribers as well. Emoluments are available through the Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) Read-Programme. However the license fee is almost always lower than what you would get for a Kindle notebook purchase. You will find your work in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL) programme.

They can take part in the Kindle Countdown deal. Your e-book can be offered free of charge for 5 consecutive 5 or 90 consecutive enrolment periods. There is no need to maintain different version of your manuscripts for different publishing plattforms, as your e-book is available only from Amazon.

It is not possible to post or sell your item to another dealer or supplier. 100% exclusiveness is what Amazon requires. No more than 10% of the contents of your books can be offered on your own website. There is no way you can sell your work for free, except during your 5 day stay at Amazon Kindle.

Viewers and purchasers of books who use merchants other than Amazon cannot buy your eBooks. They will be made changes to the programme or regulations as Amazon sees fit. When you are already open publishes, you must fully withdraw your sold item from all other sellers of eBooks.

It can be a long and lengthy procedure if retailer are sluggish in responding to aggregator requests. Kindle Unlimited revenue will be generated from a Amazon month's fund, so you have no complete charge for your e-book on KU. Once Amazon shuts down a doorstep, the fraudsters find another way to benefit and at the same twilight throw a veil on serious-writers.

Occasionally, Amazon's attempts to stop fraudsters have led to the accidental punishment of lawful writers or, even more serious, the removal of their work. That was well covered when writers were taken their works off the market because they had placed their tables of content at the end of the volume instead of at the front.

When you sign up for KDP Select, your sign-up will be extended for another 90 additional nights unless you are careful to clear the auto-renewal check boxes well before the extension date. KDP Select is a good option for some writers, especially for a new book. Amazons biggest e-book shares through a long gap, so if you want an easy way of self-publishing and the sale of your title, KDP is a fast, an easy and efficient way to do so.

But if you want your e-book for prospective buyers to other merchants, and in lands where Amazon Kindle does not have a shop, you may want to consider open publishing with Smashwords or Draft2Digital. Even if you want to have full charge for your e-book promotions, sales pricing and, above all, your license fees from subscribers, KDP Select is definitely not for you.

They should really consider the advantages of open publishing. Ultimately, every self-publisher and every small media must decide to use KDP Select, depending on whether it brings a revenue and profit advantage. Others consider the autonomy of publishing to be the central theme, so the grant of exclusiveness is one to many.

When you are new to self-publishing, please review KDP Select's General Business Rules thoroughly and conduct your research before you decide whether they meet your publication needs.

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