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There are three agents here actively looking for customers. Here you will find many more frahlings who are actively looking for customers: I' m new to agency life and eager to find both debutants and experienced authors for this agency. In addition, we have compiled for you which genres and topics each agency is looking for, as well as tips from published authors on how to find the right frahling.

Two new frahlings are active in search of writers

There are two new agents here looking for customers. Ambassador Amanda Ayers Barnett (Donaghy Literary) is interested in mystery/thrillers and medium-sized young adults, new literature for adults and females, coming-of-age books and early protagonists. LGBTQ literature, novel anthologies or related narratives in the Midwest or Americaa, thriller, mystery/noir, dystopic literature, civilian disturbances, new journalists and/or long distance journalists, essays, satirical/umoral writings.

He was co-founder of the Bay Area literature review The East Bay Review and worked for the world's biggest scientific scholarly publication plus an LL. Considering the period he spent teaching first-generation writers a turning point in his professional life, he was encouraged to continue his search for the often ignored writers who write about families, struggles, classes and races.

An Holloway Literature broker, Michael seeks to find up-and-coming writers with a powerful tone and a powerful sense of purpose, and pledges to work untiringly to spread them. Literature and autobiographic fictions (e.g. So Long, See You Tomorrow; A River Drives Through It; Sylvia), collection of shorts or related tales as a novel (e.g. Jennifer Egan, Elizabeth Strout, Junot Diaz), LGBTQ liter, books that play in the Midwest or can be described as americanas, thrillers, mystery/noir (i.

e. Walter Mosley, Kate Atkinson, Lou Berney), dystopic literature, civilian upheavals, memoirs, new journalists and/or long distance journalists, essays (on arts, racial, mental heath, musical, etc.), satiric writings and enviromentalism. She' s excited to be adding a literature sales representative to these publications and joining the Donaghy Literature Group.

You' ll find more typing resource, which includes free competitions, announcements, useful hints on how to get an agen, agents looking for customers, as well as publishing houses that accept scripts directly from authors, hints on how to sell and support your work, how to set up your on-line portal, how to get your own review, how to post yourself and where to find the right place for your work on publishing... and other forms of madness.

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