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New Authors for Agents

It is looking for all genres of medium and young adult literature. Nicole Resciniti (The Seymour Agency) Emmanuelle Morgen (Stonesong) Sarah Younger (Nancy Yost Literary Agency) Elise Erickson (Harold Ober) NO LONGER AN AGENT. Anything she' s looking for: Currently, she is not accepting any new middle school, spring reading or picture book submissions. Also I represent non-fiction and am looking for authors with strong platforms.

As soon as you have entered your first name and e-mail on the right-hand side of the page, you will have full profile information for all of our Fr... cf. the following.

As soon as you have entered your first name and e-mail on the right-hand side of the page, you will have full profile information for all of our Fr... cf. the following. Here is a list of examples of publishers' agents who are looking for new authors from the directory:

Please fill in your first name and e-mail adress in the box at the top of this website. You will see right after registration: Find new authors for Christian Book Agents - Get free access now! When you have already used other Frahlingen folders (in printed or on-line form), you know that they are obsolete, imperfect and full of errors.

So join other authors by sliding up and down to type in your first name and e-mail adress. You get FREE immediate and immediate acces to the most complete, precise and trustworthy Frahlingen folder available today. To learn more about the Christan agents presented on this page or our list of agents, click here to go to the Frahlingen index section of this website.

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And not only new agents, but also existing agents. In a 15-part serial entitled Everything You Need to Know About Find a Literary Agent. You' ll need to call the writer to see if his work is still available, correct the script and/or suggestion, buy the script and get the best offer, and then do everything you can to make sure that your new writer is a hit after the script is out.

Many of the agents are dependent on the "new writer's drug". "They make sure they are always on the look-out for new authors to keep up their upswing. And although many of these publishers are new, some of them already have a well-established bestseller and prizewinning author-lists.

For more information on the agents below (including contacts ), please refer to our Frahlingen list. Connect with tens of thousands of other readers and take advantage of what authors "the most complete and detailed list of agents available in printed or online" (led by a former bestseller of the NY Times, the proprietor and president of a Frahlingur).

A never-ending search for the great BBQ hinges, tacos and new authors. He has published many well-known authors such as the New York Times bestseller Greg Rucka and CBS journalist Jennifer Ashton, M.D. Michelle Witte has worked in various roles in publication.

It is Michelle's passion to find exciting new authors and scripts. He works with renowned authors and new authors of literature and non-fiction. natoanya wheeler likes to find new authors and is not afraid of debutants. It covers non-fiction, literature, books of literature, stories touching on topical or multi-cultural themes, stories about the relatives, as well as suspenseful psychothrillers and crimewalk.

As Jessica Sinsheimer says, she is "always on the look-out for new authors. "She is most interested in literature, books for young people and females, and on the non-fiction page for books on psychological studies, education, self-help, cookery books, memoir and others.

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