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What do estate agents do on average in NYC? New York's top talent agents you should know. Looking for a talented New York sales representative? Although we cannot suggest a talented broker, we can refer you to a selection of SAG franchise agents and give you some tips. Subsequent talented agents have an entrenched and recognised record of responsibility, consistent adherence to the rules and rules of the entertaining industries, and adherence to the norms and practice of the various theatres.

Find a listing of the best New Yorkalentagenturen. This is the best place to get started if you are looking for an operative! The Affinity Artists is a full-service boutique broker established by Ross Grossman. Since 1962 Ann Wright has been president and owner of her own full-service talented advertising company.

She is an agent for the Barbara Hogenson Academy, Inc. and works for composers, playwrights, screenwriters, writers, production designers, directors, dancers and choreographers. The Carry Company Talent Representatives is a full-service talent representation based in New York City with an offi ce on the west coast of Los Angeles. It is licensed with SAG, AFTRA, AEA and WGA.

The Los Angeles and New York City office offers artists' representatives throughout the entire state for advertising, TV, film, print, theatre, hosting and sports & specialty. The Dulcina Eisen Associates is one of the best medium-size legit agents in New York. The Fresh Faces Agency, Inc. For over thirty years, Aggie Gold has been a leading player in the talented world.

With her incomparable "eye" for recognizing talents, she was able to choose one succesful celebrity after another. As the owner/agent of the Garber Talents Agency, Karen S. Garber covers actors of all kinds in all areas. Radio journalists & newscasters, moderators & speakers, directors, speakers, dancers & choreographers, musical theatre actors, film & television actors.

The Generation is an exclusiv NYC headquartered children's model company that represents 3 months and older. A youth talents agent that represents infants, youngsters, teenagers and young grown-ups in the fields of printing, advertising, television, films, voice-overs and theatre. Headlining Employee Promotion, LLC. The Headline Talentagentur is a New York-based talents agent established in 2010 by Emily Childs and Erica Bines.

The HTA is a full-service agent representing theater, movie and TV theaters, movie production, writer and celebrities in New York City and Los Angeles. The Metropolis Artists Agent, Inc. Headquartered in New York, MAA is one of the few fully licensed New York movie, TV and theater studios and is likely to move to the coast in the nearuture.

The Pyramid Entertainment Group is an internationally operating company for talented people. The Pyramid offers talented musicians for the opening of promotional concerts, company and personal gatherings, gambling houses, trade shows, and more. Radiolucent Talented Inc. TRAKTOR Take 3 Talented has become one of the premier retail boutiques in New York City. Our clients include young people and grown-ups for TV, movies, commercials, voice-overs and theater.

For over sixty years Hanns Wolters was a representative of talented individuals in theatres, films and TV. Unfortunately, Hanns Wolters died in 2000, but he abandoned the company, which placed his name in the hand of Oliver Mahrdt, who followed the traditional representation of the best performers in the amusement invention.

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