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Submission of contributions by African American Literary Agents & Agencies There' s an overwhelming number of Frahlingurs in the United States. The majority work with a clear purpose, bringing them into one or more literary alcoves. The majority have relations with acquiring journalists at publishers - large and small - across the whole state. This article introduces 5 African American frahlingures and agents who are currently searching for manuscripts.

Established and held by Regina Brooks, Serendipity is the biggest African American Frahlingur in the state. They represent writers in literature and non-fiction and are award-winning. On their website it is said that they currently accept to view literature-muscripts. The contents of the website contain information and guidance for the submission of literature, non-fiction and children's text.

She is Associate Agent at D4EO Frahlingur and is active in developing her customer base. She used to be an editorial journalist with St. Martin's Press, a publisher of Macmillan Publishers, where she has published both literature and non-fiction. She is the creator of Quill Shift, a child- and youth-oriented company.

Prior to L. Perkins, Latoya C. Smith spent more than thirteen years as an editorial journalist with publishers such as Kensington Publishers, Hachette Book Group and Samhain Publishers. Latinya is looking for Romanticism, eroticism, female thrillers, women's thrillers, LGBTQ romanticism and adult renditions, as well as advice/how-to/memoir entries.

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