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Kingdom Publishing makes self-publishing fast, inexpensive and easy. We can publish, distribute and market your book for a low price. Author/Writing Trainer. The Affordable Publishing division is dedicated to helping aspiring authors achieve their goals.

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It publishes black and white and colour paperback and hardcover booklets and all e-book sizes. They are then made available to the bookshops to order as simply as any other stock and offer them the same wholesaler rebate and return option they would like. We do not set any minimum order quantities and our writers retain full copyright to their work.

We are here for you if you are looking for a simple and affordable way to get your work out. If you have self-publishing sites like CreateSpace, the issue is that they only make your books available on-line, not through real booksellers (even if they tell you to). As you can see, booksellers must find your item in the same data base and in the same folder from which they order their entire stock, and they must have it presented to them with the same anticipated wholesaler rebate as everything else in their shop (at least 40% - 55% rebate on the retailer prices, e.g. reusable, and so on).

Unfortunately, self-publishing sites and many unrelated publishing houses only offer a 10-25% rebate on bookshops, which is not enough for them to carry your work ("especially if it cannot be returned"). On the other side we make sure that your books are available for the trade as well as for the reader. As soon as your volume is released, you will get bonuses every month.

To be a publisher, you don't have to subscribe to your lifesavings, nor do you have to give up the right to your own work. We have a four-step procedure that is completely pain-free, highly cost-effective and very simple to comprehend.

Self-publication today: Simple, affordable, better for writers

Many years ago I was helping an writer who wanted self-publishing tips for a range of textbooks he wrote. I' m gonna call him John. and he hated both the game and the trial.

Yet the firm didn't promote or distribute the work for him. John had found a small traditonal editor for his next volume. But he had not liked her arrangements, and it took a long while until his novel was made. John was looking for a new way to solve the third volume in his collection - one in which he has complete command.

Since my work puts me in touch with self-published writers, I often get variation on it from disillusioned writers who have invested a lot of time to get others to release their work. This does not mean that there are no issues of publishing a work for which you should hire a professional: writing for one, unless you are already a freelance author or journalist; creating the picture for the artwork that can affect your readers to buy your work; maybe purchasing an ISBN, according to where you are planning to release it.

Anyone who has the idea and the capacity to quickly produce and publish a good deal of literature and has the necessary knowledge to bring it to promot. Might not have backgrounds in graphics designing or e-mail processing (which is like web processing, but lots tougher, with many difficult guidelines and norms that can get a textbook that is refused if it does not comply).

Cross-check that with the $10,000 John spends to bring his novel to marketing, and publishing is a whole new universe open to single writers like myself and you.

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