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Catch the BEST stories, advice and jokes! They contacted Citizens Advice Flintshire for help with their financial situation. is a hard-hitting film based on the true story of Jenny, a young teenager chatting online with a stranger. Mathews History - Understanding the Options. THE LISBON CASTING TOUR: THE HISTORY AND ADVICE OF A RESTAURANT MANAGER.

History of consulting .... Case study 10

As a caregiver, I told my employers that I had suffered from lethenia and asked them to consider making appropriate adaptations for me by letting an organization come into the facility and judging what kind of gear would help me with any work I read or wrote on our patients' names.

I would not allow the organization to come to me and judge what I thought was discriminating and complaining. So I approached the Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council (NREC), which filed a complaint on my name in an employment court about obstruction and wrongful pay deductions and sent a survey on my name to my former employers.

They compensated me to avoid the issue going to a full employment tribunal. If I had not had the support of the Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council, I could not have successfully defied my work.

History of consulting .... Case study 11

I' ve had many years of practice in this area and everything was fine until I was screened for cancers. I was informed by my employer by e-mail that my work included travel and that my contract was over. It was very disappointing to see that they had not really thought about some sensible adaptations that I thought they had kept me in their work.

and Equality Council (NREC), which assisted me in appealing to a labour court for cases of directed and consequential harassment. As my employer said, as an Ireland enterprise, they are not liable to the proceedings of the English Labour Court. During the challenge procedure, the issue was resolved in financial terms without me having to go to a full employment tribunal.

If I hadn't contacted the Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council, I would have had to work with an expensive lawyer.

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