Advanced Writing Class

Writing course for advanced students

Class Details: Workshop for Intermediate Students (WRIT1-CE9162) If you are an experienced author looking for a challenging job or a future postgraduate candidate, this course can help you refine your skills and further your unique language. If you are taking part in this strict one-week course, you should have your letter reviewed and criticized. Challenging yourself to create new fonts or rework and burnish existing ones. Like many MFA programmes, this course is aimed at mixing and matching those who work on shorts, fiction and memoir.

Writing course for experts

A best-selling novelist, essays written in person and memoirs, Mary-Lou Weisman is offering an eight-part workshops for those with expertise in the field of memoirs and essays. This is not a beginner's group. Its aim is to promote frequent typing, to briefly repeat the good stylistic features and to help the authors become their own best journalists.

You should be expecting about 6-10 hrs of write and processing time per meeting. Pupils send their work by e-mail to all members of the group at least two working day before the next group. These arrangements, plus Mary-Lou's, will be the core activity of each school year. Eight meetings will take place at 13:30-15 on the following dates: every second Tuesday from 29 September to 5 January (9/29, 10/13 & 27, 11/10 & 24, 12/8 & 22, 1/5.) To be sure you are prepared for this 8-week intermediate course, Mary-Lou will check a proof.

Proposals may take about a whole weeks to be reviewed. The number of classes is restricted to 10. You will receive the enrolment code after your design has been checked. For an introductory course for non-fiction authors, click here. While Married ); a bio (Al Jaffee's MADLIFE); and a best-selling humour textbook (My Middle-aged Baby Book.) As an assistant lecturer at New School, New York University, Manhattanville College and the Westport and Norwalk education programm.

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