Advanced English Writing course

Postgraduate English Writing

Intermediate Course Wellcome to a Samplle of the AWC. The Study Guide and our authoring tips are available and you can work on tutorials in the section entitled Structure and Graphics. The Intermediate Course allows you to compose different kinds of papers and develop different typing abilities, which include bug fixes, grade and slope editing, vocabulary, punctuation, styles, summaries and paraphrases.

This course will help you to increase your literacy level, your literacy and your typing aptitude. Numerous scriptwriting ideas and methods are presented to help you develop a clear, more organised style of handwriting. Course did: It is an essays-focused course in composition. Every session is designed for one kind of paper and leads the student through the essentials of composition by extending the basic literacy abilities.

Lessons are shown below. This course lasts 13 week with about 40 lessons of on-line and 40 working-off-line. They have a mentor to lead you through your work and give you feedbacks on your typing practice and tasks. While your teacher is reading your letter, he or she will make proposals for improvements.

This is part of a programme that offers on-line Englishspeaking classes. Complementing this course, the programme will include the Beginner and Intermediate write course. This course is intended to help pupils improve their typing ability at typesetting, parenthesis and composition level.


There are two different types of Advanced Editing and Composition. This course in unit 1 is intended for pupils of lower lower-secondary level who have recently graduated from primary and university. Unit 2 is intended for last year graduate and doctoral candidates. The participants of this course will improve their literacy and criticism abilities.

You will also concentrate on the advanced typing experience, where you will be challenged to design, create and redesign your work. Work in the areas of literacy is tightly interlinked. Some tutorials are contained in the write lessons to deal with certain areas of the problems. An enrolment form will also be provided for visas if you have fully funded the fee.

Fill out the on-line registration sheet or fill out and send the IFCELS Summer Programme 2018 registration sheet (pdf; 166kb):

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