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An eBook reader for all your DRM-protected books on your iPad, Mac or PC. An eBook reader for all your Adobe DRM-protected books on your Android devices, iPad, Mac or PC. If you download ADE to a computer, you authorize it for that computer using an Adobe ID that you have set up for your account.

Digital Edition

The majority of large publishing houses use Adobe Digitally Editions (ADE) to proofread their text. Get this free eReader to view your book in the best possible formats on your computer, MAC, tablet or on-the-go. It allows you to buy and buy digitized contents that can be viewed both on-line and off-line. Enjoy a new level of usability because the book you have purchased is displayed on all the machines on which you have installed ADE.

Now, the ledgers you buy or buy on a single machine will appear on all machines on which you have ADE installed. ranks ADE among the best European Publishers. EPUB 3 standards enable a more rich viewing enjoyment, including: rendered sound and visuals, right-to-left readability, dynamically resize images without sacrificing accuracy, quizzes, better render mathematical formulae, and tremendous enhancements in supporting auxiliaries.

Browse for key words in all sections of your eBooks using an easy-to-use full-text keyword check. You can use Adobe Digital Editions with a variety of display devices, such as JAWS, Window-eyes and NVDA on Windows, and Voiceover on Mac OS. Their eBooks are available in several different tongues, among them English, France, Germany, Italian, Spain, Netherlands, Brazilian Portugese, Japanes, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Trad. and more.

Mark, mark or write down important and preferred text parts from your eBook. Organise your online publishing and management of your equipment with Adobe Digitally Editions with the ability to build customized bookcases ordered by titles, authors, and publishers. Use Adobe Digitally Editions to reprint your eBooks. Acces your eBook in several data types such as EPUB, PDF and XPUB.

Download Adobe Digital Editions

Then, run the installation program on your computer to run Adobe Digital Editions. To view Adobe Digital Editions' general data protection policies, click here. Fulfill your accounting across all your equipment seamlessly: In ADE 4.5.8, if a customer meets a product on one product, the product is loaded to all other products that are part of that customer (enabled with the same username).

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