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Writing and publishing a scientific paper (project-centered course) (Coursera). Prepare for the challenges of online learning. Others are free short courses.

MOOC Academic Writing and Free Online Courses

This course outlines a full academic work, selects a suitable periodical to which you will be submitting the final work for publishing, and creates a check list that will allow you to assess whether your work is suitable for submission. The Scholarly Communication is a compact but extensive course on writing research in English.

This course will help the candidate to better understand the rhetoric of English and the shared challenge that the candidate will face as an academic author. This course provides instructions, tutorials, structures, and dates required to produce a post that can be published. This course provides useful and hands-on insight into writing a scientific article.

We' ll show you how to build the academic capabilities you need to be a skilled academic author. They will have the chance to study academic writings and see how some of the concepts in these writings are used by college graduates to write a scientific work. This is an introductory course in academic writing for English learners with a focus on essays design, grammar accuracy and self-editing.

Introduces academic and professional writing for English learners with a strong emphasis on English language, English language learning, English language learning, English language learning and English language learning. This is an introductory course in academic writing for English learners with an emphasis on essays design, correctness, and self-editing. Collegiate Writing 2.3x is the third part of the academic writing course. This section will concentrate on writing in various fields, in particular writing for the natural and technical arts, writing in the arts and society.

Online Academic Writing Open Course (MOOC)

For more information on each course, see below. All course materials can be accessed by registering on the Coursera website. You can enrol flexibly, so register today! MOOC Writing in English at the College is a tool for those currently working on paperwork or diploma theses, as well as for those wishing to study academic writing to help them get ready for writing at the College.

While the course provides orientation for all students, it is aimed specifically at those who write in second languages and whose mother tongue is not English. Writing in English at the university not only helps students put together their own "toolbox" of academic writing abilities, but also gives them the opportunity to try out some of these instruments and think about their own evolution as a writer.

This course is subdivided into four modules:

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