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Description of format Our academic writing workshops give Cal students the tools to take their writing to the next level! Academic Writing Workshop is designed for students who want to improve their writing skills and develop a well-structured essay. Compulsory academic writing lessons: They will thank you later.

Obtaining undergraduate, enjoying academic writing is a bit like getting a kid to eat livers. As a rule, first-year graduates are more interested in teaching the contents than in competence-based teaching. However, even if they find academic writing tedious, it is a precious and necessary ability that they must have mastered, since the scientific paper is still one of the key instruments for their work.

The most recent polls have shown that the employer considers language and writing to be the most desired abilities for school-leavers. All too often, BA graduate candidates join the labour force, but still cannot differentiate between "being" and "it is", not to speak of "there", "their" and "they are".

Of course, there are more serious misspellings than those of spelling and punctuation: consistent focusing; non-coherent structures; description of the topic of the article instead of analytics; and use of hyperbolic in giving a person's view. In view of the challenge that many of our current and past year's graduate grades face in order to write papers at an affordable academic level, it is high time the British higher educational system set up a compulsory writing class for all freshmen.

For a long time, the US College has recognized the importance of writing education; in the vast majority of schools, the student must complete a writing class, which has been called " fresh man compositions ", with at least a C-mark. While many British colleges provide courses to address students' writing difficulties, the curriculum is still occasional in the lack of a national curriculum.

In addition, most writing courses are taught at UK universities for non-native English learners, very often as part of annual Rotary Peace Fellowship programs or pre-sessional programs - suggesting that there is a prevalent belief that English natives have no need to contribute academic paper. Too often, writing for mother -tongue translators is entrusted to single writing centers and web-based ressources within the school.

Although these are certainly useful when it comes to writing schools, since they often concentrate mainly on proof-reading, the learning independence of learners is taken away, and web-based information is not a replacement for writing lessons themselves, although it offers hands-on guidance. Centers and on-line manuals are best used in addition to a writing course, not as a replacement for one.

Consequently, the implementation of a nationwide writing course for all UK college graduates is long past due, but it should remedy two shortcomings of the American first-semester course. Firstly, fresh man composing, although obligatory, can be taken at any moment within the first two years of an undergraduate graduate course of a college graduate. To help them familiarise themselves with the requirements of their writing tasks earlier than later, the UK scheme should be provided as a first semester course.

Secondly, writing courses in the USA are often aimed at university graduates and are therefore offered from a more general view. However, while some facets of academic writing, such as the need for analytic profundity, are shared by all fields, there are stilistic convictions that cannot be well translated from one field to another: while idioms are appreciated in the literary section, this is often unsuitable for the scientific community.

Therefore, by providing writing courses adapted to each subject or at least each department, the British section has the possibility to enhance the classical American writing class by providing mainly a beginner composing course adapted to the writing traditions of each department. An obligatory academic writing class is unlikely to be more or less enjoyable for the student, but it can only help them to comprehend the basic elements of a writing style that poses real difficulties for many of them.

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