Academic English Writing course

Writing English Academic Course

Writing Academic English aims to develop and expand the ability to write reports, articles, books and dissertations in English. Enhance your English and live life to the fullest. Need to improve your university writing skills? The Stanford Summer offers the Writing Academic English Summer Course.

Courses in detail

Writing Academic English is a basic course aimed at developing and expanding the ability to compose English based papers, essays, books and theses. It not only addresses questions of proper use of the languages, but also the teaching of writing in a suitable as well as efficient and academic text.

In addition to respecting English terminology and terminology, the course will focus on writing strategy that is typical of English academic text. Students are expected to have some expertise and knowledge in writing academic text in Dutch (or another language), but have the need to understand how to make legible text in English with the same level of lightness; how to efficiently organize information; how to seamlessly combine information and argumentation to make a fluent text; how to critically review their own work; how to spell clear and succinct text; the convention for emphasizing core components in English work.

At the end of this course, it is possible to take part in one of the brief follow-up classes, which take particular account of the special needs of the text in a particular subject area. There are two full meetings and one private meeting. Swales, J.M., en C.B. Feak, Academic Writing for Doctoral Students:

The Essential Tasks and Skills (dritte Auflage), University of Michigan Press. Course content is not part of the application fees. The course participant is obliged to buy the course equipment himself. This course is open to students from all disciplines currently working on a dissertation, a research masters, an essay for publishing or another academic writing projects in English.

Courses are taught in English. Students are required to have a knowledge of English at levels B2+ or higher as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You can also take the test at the Academic Languages Centre on weekdays between 9:00 and 15:30.

This course has a max. of 12 people. Courses last 56h. If desired, a course burden statement can be drawn up. Students should check with their faculty to see if the course can be turned into credit. You can find the vacation times in the academic calender of the Academic Language Centre.

In the event that lessons are canceled due to unforeseeable events, they will be added to the price at the end of the course. Note that the course may end later than planned. Course levels are indicated using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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